Chinese New Year event at Robinson’s Place- Magnolia

Robinson’s Place – Magnolia, Quezon City- Philippines

Facade of Robinson- Magnolia

Master Chua Hu Hua

We were invited by Master Chua Hu Hua , a bonsai,  Chinese calligraphy expert . His years of expertise had earn him several accolades from local and international experts.

Master Chua Hu Hua Bonsai lecture:

horse figurine

There were some half a dozen stalls selling a varieties of products and items. A purchase of any items from their stall entitles a customer  free Chinese calligraphy  translation of their names to Chinese characters .

Master Chua Hu Hua busy writing Chinese calligraphy

Ha Yuan Chinese Store and Deli

Serving hearty Fookien, Cantonese, and old school Binondo dishes since 1956. Following Amah’s legacy of offering up delectable dishes from her home. One of the must try food is their Chinese fresh lumpia .

Note: I would like to ” Thank” the organizers and Master Chua Hu Hua for inviting us to the event.

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