Horticulture 2014: List of Plant Winners

Tropical Garden, Quezon Memorial Circle, Diliman , Quezon City

Here are the list of winners in their respective category :

Category / Sub-category             Plant Name     Owner    Booth

1.) Aroid- A           


2nd – Aglaonema ” White Diamond “- Mr. Botchie¬† Canicula – 10

3rd – Aglaonema “Hybrid Boxing “- Mr. Botchie Canicula- 10

MERIT AWARD – Dieffenbachia hybrid –¬† Mrs. Remy Rodis Santelices and Ms. Edna Felipe

2.) Aroid -B                                   NO WINNER

3.) Aroid -C                               1st РNO WINNER


3rd РAnthurium Hookerii          Mr.   Botchie Canicula -10

MERIT AWARD Philodendron Martianum ” Black Marie” Mrs. Remy Rodis- Santelices

4.) Aroid-D

1st- Philodendron Martianum ” Fat Belly ” Arids and Aroids -3

2nd Philodenron ” Accutissimum ” Arids and Aroids-3

3rd Philodendron hybrid ” Hercules”¬† Arids and Aroids -3

MERIT AWARD – Variegated Philodendron Ms. Edna Felipe- 5

Palm and Cycad

5.) Palms



3rd – Rhapis humilis – Mr. Botchie Canicula -10

6.) Cycad


2nd – Taiwan cycad


7.) Bromeliad A

1st – Neoregelia Louilson – Arids and Aroids – 3

2nd Neoregeli Chili con Carne –¬† Arids and Aroids -3

3rd Neoregelia Lorena – Arids and Aroids-3

MERIT AWARD Neoregelia chili con Carne- Doreen Dofitas

8.) Bromeliad B



Quezon Heritage House

Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City

Quezon Heritage House ( ex-situ site)

The Quezon Heritage house was originally located within the residential areas of 7th and 8th Street Gilmore Avenue , Barangay Mariana ,  New Manila in Quezon City . The house was built on a 3,678-square-meter property where he lived while recovering from tuberculosis before World War II.

ambassador sala set

The lots are registered to Mrs. Zenaida ‚ÄúNini‚ÄĚ Quezon-Avance√Īa, the late President‚Äôs surviving daughter.

Avance√Īa, now in her 90s, lived in the house for 62 years. She has been living in Ayala Alabang since 2006.The property was rumored to be for sale¬† in 2008 .

machuca tiles

The original house had tiles made by prominent Machuca tiles company Website : http://www.machucatile.com/

The lot was sold by one of the descendants of the Quezon family  sometime in 2011 and the family offered the house . The property alone is worth between Php 110 million to Php 125 million .

¬†National Historical Commission of the Philippines¬† ( NHCP) to determine the historical significance of the Quezon Residence which was reportedly purchased in the 1930s as a “summer house” of the affluent Quezon family. The family remembers the house as something ” special ” and “lucky”.

The small pocket garden had Mussaenda philippica variety  aurorae

Aurora an endemic Philippine flowering shrub that was found  in 1915 in the vicinity of Mt. Makiling, Laguna  as a spontaneous mutant of the species Mussaenda philippica variety aurorae was named after the former first lady.

plant box was given as a gift to Do√Īa Aurora Aragon Quezon by the Tapia family

The Quezon City government offered a 700 square meter lot within the Quezon Memorial Circle . The architects and engineers of Quezon City were able to save between 60% to 65% of the original structure .

dining area

The house was transferred sometime in 2011 within the Quezon Memorial Circle and will form part of the ambitious plan of a museum complex ( Quezon Heritage House ) ( Quezon Memorial Circle ) and ( Quezon City Museum ) . The Quezon Heritage house was opened last October 2013 as part of the  founding celebrations of the city.

 intricate grill works Рwhich is a fire escape

I have visited the museum several times during the construction and after its soft opening last October 2013 .¬† I must say that the Quezon City had saved one of the city’s valuable cultural treasures. Although not all heritage advocate will agree with what the city government .

group photo with bloggers , photojournalists

When I was appointed part of the Horticulture 2014 special committee on media and promotion by Mrs. Adoracion S. Bernabe ( PHSI president) , My keen interest about the recent development within area led me to organize a special tour within the Quezon Memorial Circle .

Note’ I would like to ” Thank” the office of Vice Mayor Maria Josefina Belmonte for the accommodation and the curator of the museum .

Museum Operation: Tuesdays to Sunday

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm

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