Beyond 2015 : HON. LORD Jack McConnel MEETING with BLOGGERS

Quezon City- Philippines

Lord Jack McConnel together with bloggers and media

Honorable  Lord Jack Wilson McConnell, Baron McConnell of Glenscorrodale (born 30 June 1960) is a Scottish politician and a Labour life peer in the House of Lords.  He was third First Minister of Scotland and youngest  First Minister from 2001 to 2007. He was the Member of the Scottish Parliament for Motherwell and Wishaw from 1999 to 2011. McConnell became an MSP in the inaugural elections to the Scottish Parliament in 1999, later holding the positions of Finance Minister, and Education Minister. He was elected First Minister following the resignation of his predecessor Henry McLeish, and led the Scottish Labour Party to its second election victory in the 2003 election.

After leaving office as First Minister of Scotland, McConnell became a member of the UK House of Lords, and committed to continuing his work in Africa tackling poverty, including building on the relationship between Scotland and Malawi.

Ms. Reema Chanco – UN advocate ambassador

Addressing the human rights deficits in a post -MDG Devleopment Framework for the Philippines.

I. Purpose – The members of the Philippine civil society and social movements , acknowledge that our country had still a long way in achieving its targets for the Millenium Development Goals( MDGs) .

II. Vision – We envision a world of peace, equality and sustainability ; a future where society is FREE from poverty , inequality and powerlessness; where development takes place through the full exercise of economic , social , political and cultural rights of all citizens .

III.  Principles – Human rights refers to the belief that all human beings have inherent individual and collective rights , as express in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( UNHR, 1948)

IV. Criteria for Goals – adopts a holistic approach that recognizes development as a basic human right, strengthens public service  systems to improve human development outcomes , and promotes genuine peace.

Ms. Reema Chanco together with Lord Jack Mc Connel

After a short power point presentation , There was a short question and answer portion . The discussion was so lively that almost all bloggers were given a chance to talk and discussed what they have in mind about the goals that the UN is setting not only for the Philippines but for the rest of the world.  It is not everyday that you meet and interact with a parliamentarian which have a soft spot for the  underprivileged .

group photo

I was given the opportunity to ask a simple question  with regards to media killings and environment activists that were killed because of their advocacies . The current role of social media and bloggers also play a crucial role . Exposing and amplifying our advocates can start changing someone’s life.




World We Want  2015 Project:


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