1st Philippine Bantam Show at the Quezon Memorial Circle ( Part 2)

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak, Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City-Philippines

Mr. Paoul R. Tagama

Mr. Paoul R. Tagama was the guest speaker on March 9, 2014  . His topic : Bantamation:  Breeding Bantam Chickens

He started to introduce how bantams were introduce to different parts of the world, the responsibilities , food and diet, diseases , bantam breeds and among others.

Yokohama chicken breed ( First Prize)

 Currently there are a lot of people in Tarlac, Pampanga, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija that are into bantam chicken multiplying .

Polish bantam

Some agriculture feed company wanted to know the current market share of the bantam and fanciers’ chicken in the pet sector. It is safe to estimate that it is between 10% to 20% ” Mr. Paoul Tagama

He had a show and tell portion on the different types of bantam chicken breeds.

bantam chicken donated by members of the association

Part of the fund raising activity of the newly formed Philippine Bantam Fanciers’ Association is a mini-raffle that was held after the lecture of Mr. Paoul R. Tagama.  Most of the chickens were donated by members of the club which aimed to propagate awareness and bantam chicken multiplying in the country.  I went to the  POS SECRETARIAT and paid 2 tickets Php 100 at Php 50 per entry .

Winners of the Raffle

 Mr. Lawrence Chan and Mr. Jun Golamco

I was the first one to be called and won a pair of frizzle bantam chicken cross with sebright donated by Mr. Paoul R. Tagama. The pair of bantam chicken is said to be worth Php 5,000 !

Mr. Jun Golamco won a  grey Cochin hen ( which he intend to breed with his grey Cochin cock).

Atty. Pepito Mercado also won a bantam chicken and another POS member also won another Cochin bantam chicken.  Another Philippine Bantam Fanciers’ Association member from the province won a pair of bantam chicken.

Mr. Jun Golamco and Mr. Frandel Recto

Mr. Frandel Recto , a board member of the Philippine Orchid Society won the FIRST Prize –  a pair of Yokohama Bantam chicken breed which is said to be worth around Php 20,000 !!!!

Winners Row

LIST of WINNERS ( 1st Philippine Bantam Chicken Show)

1-Micro  Group       Cage No.       Rank         Owner

                           Old English Group         22               1st        Mr. Rey Macam


                                   Rosecomb                   24                1st        Mr. Rey Macam

                             Malaysian Serama        4                 1st        Mr. Kenneth Lim

                              Sebright                            1                   1st       Mr. Ramil Fabian/

                                                                                                            Mr. Aguilus Pitonghari

                              Dutch                           38                    1st       Mr. Jonathan Reyes

                            Cornish                          34                   1st       Mr. Donvega Sotto-


                               Koshamu                   31                    1st         Mr. Robin Gamboa

                       Feathered Feet/ Tophat

                         Frizzle ( Cochin )           33                  1st         Mr. Donvega Sotto-                                                                                                                                    Naguit

                         Showgirl                            18                  1st         Mr. Rey Macam

                        Chochin ( Normal )       10                   1st         Mr. Boogie Lee

                       Polish                                   14                   1st         Mr. Rey Macam

                    Best in Special Awards

                         Cochin White

Overall                                11           Mr. Boogie Lee ( Cochin White)

Long Tail

Species- Phoenix        27             Mr. Vilmo R. Silvederio

Philippine Hybrid

Sumatra                     32               Mr. Donvega Sotto-Naguit

Rare Hyrbid

Pheonix-OEG      37                     Mr. Jonathan Reyes

Best in Bantam Show-Show Champion -Over-All

Cochin ( Light Brown ) 10 – Boogie Lee

Runner Up / Reserve Champion

Malaysian Serama              4-  Mr. Kenneth Lim

Note: The next bantam show is expected to be held in the province of Tarlac


4 Responses

  1. Good day,

    How can i be a member of the Philippine Bantam Fancier’s Association. Is there any requirements and fees?

    Thanks & more power!

  2. hello sir! even when i was still a kid, i really wanted to have a bantam chicken. i was hoping by this time i could start having one. when and where will your next show or competition be held? i’m from angeles city, pampanga. thank you!

    • Hello and Thanks for visiting this site.

      Bantam and Fancy Chicken Show is normally held at the QC Memorial Circle. The last time they held a show was last February during he Flora Filipina show in QC Memorial Circle sometime around February 2015.

      Unfortunately, The secretariat did not send me a list of winners of the bantam show 2015. That is ‘why” i did not post any post event of the bantam show in my blog or any of the community newspaper that i am connected .

      There was another show last January 2015 at the World Trade Center, which i am fortunate that the organizers are prompt with the announcement of the winners.

      There are sellers and trader of bantam chickens in some facebook community pages.

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