Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II stamps issued by PHLPOST: IT’S MORE EXPENSIVE in the Philippines !

Manila Central Post Office , Liwasang Bonifacio, Ermita, Manila -Philippines

Pope John Paul II stamp issued by PHLPOST

The twin canonization is seen by Vatican watchers as an attempt to breach a traditional left-right divide in the Church.

As the Vatican welcomes pilgrims from all over the world to witness the ceremony, relics and images are being shown in the Philippines for those who couldn’t make it to Vatican.

Pope John XXIII stamp issued by PHLPOST

Observation from Some Stamp Collectors:

The double stamp issuance of PHLPOST is a big marketing strategy targeting stamp collectors, memorabilia collectors, the big Catholic community around the Philippines and the rest of the world.  Philippines is the largest Catholic country in Asia with at least 81% or close to 82 million Filipinos that are Catholics. The souvenir sheet that goes with the circular stamp is measured at 105 mm X 70 mm while the Stamps at 38 mm in size. Graphic designer and In-house layout artist Mr.Jose Antonio Jayme designed the canonization stamps.

stamp issuance by Vatican City

These guys will be like Eur 0.85 x 6 pieces =  Eur 5.10 or Php 314.6088

This is far cry from the Philippine stamp issuance.

The stamp issuance is quite low for a population of 103 million ! Issuing a limited quantity stamps 5,000 pieces for Pope John XXIII and 10,000 pieces for Pope John Paul II seems very small.  This is one problem, There are people who speculate on the stamp issuance. Buying them at face value and selling them several times the original value. The stamp speculator will rake in huge profits but at the expense of the ordinary stamp collectors which had to cough in over Php 200 pesos ! Do not expect them to sell those stamps at Php 200 since they are being sold by PHLPost at face value! LOL

Pope John XXIII just costs Euro 0.70 or Php 43.18

Another point, What is the PHLPOST target market? It seems that they did not know that in the social media era and in the technological age of the 21st century,  There are still more than 5,000 stamp collectors in the Philippines. So why issue a crazy low quantity issuance of 5,000 pieces , When they can print 50,000 ? and make the printing cost even lesser  and even the prices? I have relatives and friends that were into printing and the cost of printing is far lower if they opt to print 50,000 ( larger quantity )  printing cost is also almost the same as 5,000 pieces? I think with proper information dissemination thru all media contacts ( which also includes bloggers , social media etc.. ) 50,000 pieces is just peanuts! Are they afraid of over stocking ? They have not evenly properly distribute those stamp in the major major post offices nationwide and their online website is still lags miles behind some other private websites which is raking in profits at the expense of other collectors which do not have access to Philippine stamps.

Euro 2 is just equivalent to Php 123.37

Another point raise by a blogger friend (who also collects stamps), If their target market are the foreign collectors. Then,  they are also into a BIG Surprise ! Foreign memorabilia collectors usually make researches and comparison to all the countries which issues stamps to commemorate an event ( We stamp collectors call this type of stamp collecting – Omnibus stamp or Omnibus memorabilia collection )

What is an Omnibus issuance?  It an issue of stamps by several countries with a common subject and which may share a uniform design. Omnibus issues have often been made by countries under common political control or groups of colonies due to the close co-operation required to produce the issue. Omnibus issues are to be distinguished from join tissues which are usually much smaller in scope. Or an Omnibus issuance is an issuance of stamps or collectible items which countries have similar events in  like Olympics , Canonization Process, Queen’s Birthday , Commonwealth Games, Royal Marriages etc…

Then those countries will issue commemorative items that will highlight the event.

Euro 1.90 and Euro 2.50- both stamps cost Php 209.73

Pricing :

The Php 200 per stamp  for Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II got a mix- review from stamp collectors which collects stamps on a worldwide basis.  Php 200 might be cheap for some collectors , BUT it pales in comparison with Vatican City or even Italian stamps! Pricing Wise. Even with the so- called special features falls in sharp contrast with other stamp producing countries. Php 200 is equivalent to about $ 4.48 ( April 28, 2014 exchange rate) . I must remind the Stamp Advisory Committee members, PHLPOST employees involve with the stamp design , Philatelic section, Postage and Metered Services section , Marketing Department. That stamp collecting must be enjoyed by everyone and not by the rich, powerful, the stamp speculators, stamp dealers .  BUT more importantly , stamp collecting must be enjoyed by the students and younger generations whom shall  carry the torch of next generation of stamp collecting !!!! .   I have made a short and quick random survey among top stamp collecting schools ( at least 20 private and public schools) And many school children and even young adults were really dismayed over the Php 200 per stamp issuance. They have to cough in Php 400 Pesos just to buy the 2 sets of stamps.  First Day Covers is not yet included ? HUH

Issuing high value stamps  is not the solution to rake in profit, I must say it is just for short term only .  Remember that the mandate of Post Office during the Spanish , American and Early Republic is to serve the PUBLIC? Badageros , Kartero or Mailman would volunteer their time, efforts and services for the sake of mail deliveries even in wee hours of the night?

Then why not sell those stamps at Php 10 or Php 40 per piece? It is more logical since we can send more of these stamps to our penpals in the provinces and in other countries . I am sure that other ASEAN countries Like Thailand, Singapore , Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia , Indonesia , Myanmar had better stamp design, embellishments ( gold foil etc….) and BETTER pricing . If those countries can sell their stamps at a low price with better designs, Why not the Philippines ? . We must also remind PHLPOST that they are not  just competing with the ordinary domestic market but they are competing with 200 plus countries and territories .  In the end, I am also buying stamps in Italy and Vatican but i am also buying just a copy or so of the Philippine stamps just for comparison purposes. But i do not expect to buy more than the usual purchase that i have done in the past .

In the end, rising stamp prices will make some stamp speculators very happy but not the general stamp collectors around the world which are not very happy with the so call new innovations . ( I must say what PHLPOST new innovation in Philippine stamps is commendable but the so call new embellishments  in the designs , they are not so new in the international stamp issuance !) LOL.

The stamp just costs Eur.0.85 or Php 52.33

 The more they keep on issuing low quantity stamps with high denomination  face value , This will keep stamp collectors just admiring them and probably a few sales will materialize.  I must say that stamp collecting in the Philippines is not longer ” MORE FUN” but ” IT IS MORE EXPENSIVE” to collect Philippine stamps . For this issuance we must say ” IT IS MORE FUN COLLECTING VATICAN Stamps” than Philippines Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II stamps.

Pasensiya nlng po at madami kaming kilala taga Vatican City and Italy .  One stamp club based in Quezon City area ordered several sets of Pope John Paul II stamps in Vatican City and they also got a FREE shipping with FREE leaflets too !!!!!

 Vatican City Post Office: http://www.vaticanstate.va/content/vaticanstate/en/stato-e-governo/struttura-del-governatorato/ufficio-filatelico-e-numismatico.html

PHLPOST: https://www.phlpost.gov.ph/

Poste Italiane: http://www.posteitaliane









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