Philippine Health Bloggers : Blogging for Health and Wellness Workshop

Wedding Pavilion, Paradizoo, Mendez , Cavite -Philippines

The Philippine Health Bloggers Society in cooperation with Zoomanity , Paradizoo, Gardenia Philippines, Victoria Court , FAME publishing , Tribune Post , Kliping Times, GU Global Learning Center, Elabram .

Mr. JB L. Badon ( Operations Manager ) South and Metro Manila Group Zoomanity Group

lunch buffet sponsored by Zoomanity group

Mr. Alvin Cloyd Dakis, RN

Mr. Alvin Dakis is the chairperson of Philippine Health Bloggers Society, He encourage health practitioners to start blogging .

Engineer Grace Nicolas -Bondad

She started blogging and making website  in 1998 . Things I learned again today;
1. Always bring your business cards
2. Network
3. Look forward for a long term relationship with people.
4. Stand out.
5. Humility
6. You can earn more not from blogging but because of blogging.
7. Get a mentor.
8. You cannot have success right away. Needs work.
9. Family always.
10. Advocacy is nothing, if you cannot feed your family. Period.
11. Be thankful & grateful. Always. You are fortunate.

12. Way to start recruiting by joining events. Always better to share your experience.
13. The time is now.

Gardenia products

I loved Gardenia cream rolls and wheat bread . They are also the sponsor of the breads that were given to the speakers and participants at the workshop .

Gardenia :


Victoria Court marketing representative

Victoria’s Court representative raffled-off an overnight stay at their luxury room ( ASGARD ) Aside from raffling-off an overnight stay , They also gave privilege discount card for all those present during the workshop.



Ms. Janina Santos

Ms. Inday Varona

She talked about some tips in blogging

Learn how to network

1.) Give information

2.) Show interest

3.) Words a Body Language

4.) Don’t send Mixed-Feelings

5.) Have some common activity

” BLOG from Your Heart ”  and ” Be Consistent , Be Yourself “



After all the interesting topics , the group held a photo opportunity with the organizers and participants.



FAME Publishing :


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