PHLPOST Increase their Rates

Manila Central Post Office , Liwasang Bonifacio , Ermita , Manila-Philippines

Philippine Postal Corporation or PHLPOST announced that they will increase mailing rates for local and even international mail and parcels. This will be effective tomorrow July 15, 2014.

First Class letter will cost Php 10.00  while inter-land rates for provinces will be at Php 12.00 for the minimum weight of 20 grams.

The last time PHLPOST increase their rates was in 2010.


Being a stamp , letter and postcard collector, We support the idea of the increase , However the increase must equate to a better service , proper distribution of commemorative stamps in major post offices in the country .

I lived in Novaliches and worked in West Fairview area, ordinary mails from other parts of Metro Manila would arrive between 1 week to 3 weeks! Not to mention they are all mailed within Metro Manila. We have some post offices in Novaliches Bayan, Quezon City Hall grounds and Novaliches – Gulod ( Forest Hills) , Novaliches -Caloocan City  . I need to travel more than 2 hours just to buy recent  stamp issuance from the main post office .

What i know is that there are still a lot of stamp collectors that are based in Novaliches , Fairview , Caloocan , Valenzuela area . A lot of them does not have a luxury of spending time traveling to the main post office in order just to buy recent issues.

How can you generate interest among the young collectors if the recent commemorative stamp issued is not not being properly distributed to major post office even in Metro Manila?

We would likewise remind people from PHLPOST to avoid issuing HIGH Value denomination stamps with so called 3-D effects mask as embossed printed from Thailand or China. They are nice but rather Expensive way to collect while ASEAN member countries like Thailand sell their embossed stamps at just a fraction of the cost.

Please listen to the majority of the stamp collectors and not a FEW ones which always lingers ( tambay ) and self-profess stamp expert!

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