Cat Craze and Lecture at SM North Edsa

3rd Floor , SM North Edsa , Quezon City -Philippines

It was a sunny day when we decided to visit SM North EDSA for the CAT Craze exhibit, lecture and trade show .

Together with 3 fellow blogger/ friends Mr. Philip Reyes,  John Paraiso and later Mr. Dennis D. Kho .

We also saw several cat lovers and animal bloggers that were at the exhibit area .

lucky cats are given new life

The exhibit and trade show aim to educate the public . It was sponsored by a popular pet store, cat food and posters were also given for FREE.

free lecture

There is also a play area for pet cats and a free public lecture.

Dr. Lani Acero talked about Health and Nutrition for cats by Whiskas.




12th Philippine Arowana and Lou Han Society Show

Robinson’s Place -Magnolia , Quezon City -Philippines

Philippine Arowana and Luo Han Society in partnership with different fish societies like Guppy Club of the Philippines, Betta Enthusiasts Philippines , Pinoy Angel Fish Society , sponsors and Robinson’s Place in Magnolia held  a 3 -day exhibit from August 29 to 31,2014 . There are  competition , lecture , demonstration and trade fair .


The PALHS leadership is happy about the continued and sustained growth of the hobby and it is the desire to continue nurturing the friendship as we learn from our experiences.

entrance to the exhibition area

PALHS also welcomes the opportunity of being a medium for dissemination of information for maximum exposure.

poster and awards 

Betta Enthusiasts of the Philippines

freshwater string rays

The event is attended by thousand of people and fish hobbyists from all walks of life .


Arowana Competition

FlowerHorn Competition

Bichir Set-up Competition

Goldfish Competition

Betta Competiton

Aquascaping Competition

Guppy Competition

Mr. Philip Reyes, Mr. John Paraiso and the author visited the fish show and participated  in an on the spot raffle contest sponsored by Sakura . We all won a small pack of fish feed.

Sakura Philippines FB 

aquascape champion 


We tried roaming around the exhibit areas before we parted ways .

Website :




Rare and Endangered Orchids Shine at the Orchid Show

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak , ( Flower Garden ) , Quezon Memorial Circle-Quezon City-Philippines

Waling-waling  ( pink form) – Queen of Philippine Orchids owned by Ms. Vangie Go

Best Orchid in SHOW 

Best Vanda sanderiana

The Philippines is rich in biodiversity and is one of the riches in orchid and plants. One of the reason “why” the Philippine Orchid Society conducts their show during this time of the year despite it is rainy is because of the blooming season of the rare and endangered Vanda sanderiana or commonly called Waling-waling . 

Waling-waling which is endemic to Mindanao flowers in their native habitat during this time of the year .  However there were reports that when the waling-walings are brought to a slightly higher elevations ( maybe more than 500 meters above sea level ) flowering can be much earlier. 

Collectors around the world would use Vanda sanderiana as breeding stock and breed them with other Vandaceous orchids from Thailand, Myanmar , Vietnam , Indonesian and Malaysian orchid species. The result is very outstanding colors and shape of their orchid hybrids.

Ms. Vangie Go is one of the big winner in this category , She won 1st prize ( entry number 4043  ) 2nd ( entry number 4041) and 3rd prize (entry number  4046 )

Here are the list Major WINNERS at the Philippine Orchid Society’s 68th Mid-Year Orchid and PET Show:

Blc. Malvarosa Breeze ” Pink “

 Best Cattleya -Exhibited by Malvarosa Orchids and Ornamental Farm

Dendrobium Lucky Stripe

Best Dendrobium – Exhibited by Dr. Olivia Sanchez

Oncidium MayFair ” Yellow Angel ”

Oncidium MayFair ” Yellow Angel ” is owned by Mrs. Corazon Purificacion and Ms. Ana Purificacion -Conde, It can grow long spikes and large yellow flowers without the usual pale brown stripes at the center.

close-up view of the flowers ( photo courtesy : Architect Chieo Ongteco )

Best Oncidium Alliance- Exhibited by Mrs. Corazon  Purificacion and Mrs. Ana Ruth Purificacion -Conde

Grammatophyllum multiflorum

This is a special type of Grammatophyllum multiflorum, according to Mr. Kelvin Neil Manubay ( vice president of the Philippine Orchid Society  )  – It is a 4-N variety which have bigger flowers .  It is called Tetraploids have 4 sets of chromosomes . It usually result in bigger plants, bigger blooms, better color, longer spikes and faster growing .

Best Philippine Species / Best Other Genera / BEST Sympodial Orchid – Exhibited by Mrs. Susan and Manuel Lee

Phalaenopsis Hsing Ying Webber ” Happy ” X Ching Hua Valentine

Best Phalaenopsis – Exhibited by Mrs. Corazon Purificacion and Mrs. Ana Ruth Purificacion – Conde

Trichoglottis atropurpurea

Best Other Genera – Monopodial Orchid – Exhibited by Mrs. Corazon Purificacion and Mrs. Ana Ruth Purificacion – Conde

Paphiopedilum Maudiae x praestans

Best Paphiopedilum – Exhibited by Atty. Hernando B. Perez – Malvarosa Orchids and Ornamental Farm


Actress Nikki Gil at the 2nd International Beauty, Health and Wellness Expo 2014

Second Floor , SMX Convention Center ,Pasay City -Philippines

Ms. Nikki Gil group photo with the other  special guests at the opening

Celebrity singer and endorser Ms. Nikki Gil is among the invited guests of honor at the 2nd International beauty, Health and Wellness Exposition at the SMX Convention Center.

Deskinlab booth

There are series of activities , seminars, fashion show , health and wellness summit , trade show, job fair , yoga session , aerobics , make-up demonstrations, fitness demonstrations, and educational presentations that will be conducted during the three-day event.

Ms. Nikki Gil sang a few songs during the opening of the health and wellness summit

The National Wellness Summit is an event that aims to create awareness on how to improve the wellness in the workplace. 

Miss Tourism -Philippines 2014 candidates

There were 14 invited Miss Tourism Philippines 2014 candidates during the opening , according to the organizers of the pageant . The pageant had over 200 candidates representing towns, cities , municipalities and provinces across the country . The winners of the pageant will have a chance to represent the country in various international pageants .  The advocacy of the pageant organizers is to promote the health and wellness, tourism and livelihood .

Collagen Peptide

Beliereshua manufactures and distributes  PURE Collagen Peptide which were manufactured from Japan.  Collagen peptide is a natural body protein produced inside the body and these products are exported all over the world . Oral ingestion of collagen peptide is the most common, and it is more commonly used to treat dry and rough skin.

NEW WORLD Laboratory

New World Diagnostics Laboratory had 8 branches that are located in Metro Manila . The company offers laboratory diagnostics like X-ray , blood test, ECG,, Ultrasound , Mammography , Bone density , Pulmonary Stress Test , Treadmill Stress Test and many more.  Their booth organized an in-house raffle promo during the exposition where notepads, ball pens and umbrella was raffled-off .

Branches: D. Tuazon Street , Quezon City  Tel #781-02-09 

# 992 Philippine College of Surgeon Building  between SM Annex – Quezon City Tel #426-7887

Unit-12 Ponciana Center, McArthur Highway corner Del Monte Avenue , Potrero , Malabon City Tel # 330-9245

Units 4 and 5 Olympia Commercial Plaza , 131 Quirino Highway , Baesa , Quezon City  Tel #330-7137

Rooms 104 and 105 Campos Rueda Building , 101 Urban Avenue , San Lorenzo , Makati City

Tel #887-5498

229-231 Dasmariñas Street , Binondo , Manila  Tel # 242-0641

Mirasol Building , 854 Apacible Street  corner Taft Avenue , Manila Tel # 498-1718

MRI Diagnostic Center, Inc. Medisan Diagnostic Center – 1336 West East Building , Taft Avenue , Manila – Tel # 404-2775

Operation Hours: Mondays to Saturdays : 6:00am to 6:00pm

Sundays and Holidays : 6:00am to 12nn


Ms. Hiyamin Bago – sales representative

Green Life products are made from coconut  and their by-products  . Their company is located in KM 144 Brgy . Wakas , Tayabas City, Quezon province , Philippines .

The company had a lot of products to offer like coconut virgin oil , scented oil, coconut jams, coconut sugar, culinary virgin coconut oil, healthy soap , coconut vinegar , coconut massage oil and among others .

Other products in development includes -Coco Flakes, Coconut Candy, Coco- Soy Sauce, Coco- Honey, Fresh Coconut Milk, Coconut Water

GLOBE :  0917-560-8829

 0939-920-3316 / 0932-872-51-96

Telephone (042) 795-41-22

Sales and Marketing Representative : Ms. Hyasmin Bago -0917-588-3867 , 0918-2672109

Facebook Page:

the Skin House was founded in Korea in 1979 . The company sells cosmetic products on-line and had different products from different cosmetic companies that are based in South Korea.  They are expanding the market to include other Asian countries like the Philippines .

the Skin House Korea:–c-18984-cn-The-Skin-House.html

Sferangs would  restore vitality of skin itself on the basis of through philosophy/technology and raw materials. To feel incredibly vigor that skin itself holds with the product and to recreate flow in the skin itself are other cos-medical spirits which sferangs seeks after./ The most powerful product: Pearl program La’Perle.


Kai Cosmetics-Korea

The growing popularity of K-pop , Koreanovelas and the influx of Korean  communities in the country had also sparked the increase of Korean made goods .  Beauty care products are no exception,  there are over 100,000 South Korean nationals which made the country as their second home.  Kai Cosmetics-Korea had a local store outlet in Parañaque City .

Gia Soap Making

Gia Soap Making manufactures different kinds of fruit and vegatable extract  like guava , papaya , avocado and even carrot . They medium scale enterprise from Davao City .

For orders or Inquiries please contact :+639235351648 / +639156595180 or e-mail:

Facebook :

OTOP site:

Life Oil specializes in Moringa sp. or Malunggay

Beauty, health and wellness entrepreneurs and enthusiasts are expected to visit the three-day event. Last year and estimated 3,000 to 5,000 visitors, majority of them are entrepreneurs and trade buyers who visited the expo.

The event  is organized by Ex-link events – Business Events Organizer.


Note : I would like to Thank the organizers Mr. Orly Ballesteros and Ms. Ainah Hannah Dumagsa -Marketing Services Associate  for the invitation extended .


Highlights of the 68th Mid-Year Orchid and Pet Show Opening at the Quezon Memorial Circle

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( HB ) , Quezon Memorial Circle,  Quezon City -Philippines

L-R Ms. Vangie Go ( Philippine Orchid Society -President ) , Senator Cynthia A. Villar , Mr. Leandro ” Dax”  Gazmin at the waling -waling landscape exhibit.

It was quite a bit overcast weather when the Philippine Orchid Society welcomed special guests of honor at the 68th Mid-Year Orchid and Garden Show. This year’s theme is ” The Great Orchid and Pet Show” .  A lot of the members of the society are also into pets and other hobbies . There is something new to be showcase, added a member of the organization which prefers to be anonymous.

waling -waling orchid in full bloom with tag number 4043

 The guests were amazed to see the lovely waling-waling orchid landscape exhibit of Ms. Vangie Go. Her landscape exhibit won second place and her waling-waling won ” Best Waling-waling ” of the show.  She is one of the  well-known orchid growers and hobbyists in the country which specializes in Vanda sanderiana. Unlike other orchid species or hybrids . Waling-waling orchid species is a slow grower , from seed flask to community pots and to blooming size  . It can take between 5 to 8 years for the orchid to bloom. Vanda sanderiana was named after Henry Frederick Conrad Sander by taxonomist Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach .

Quezon Cityhall Lancaster Band

There was a long list of special guests which included Mayor Herbert Bautista , Vice Mayor Maria Josefina ” Joy ” Belmonte , former First Lady Amelita ” Ming ” Ramos , ASEC  Agribusiness Marketing Assistance Service (AMAS) director Mr. Leandro ” Dax”  Gazmin ,  Chief Executive Officer and President- Del Monte -Philippines Mr. Joselito ”  Butch”  Campos, Senator  Cynthia A. Villar and Mr. Aldrin C. Cuña- Quezon City Administrator . 

guests of honor were toured around the site

The event started past 4:00pm , When the ribbon cutting ceremony had started.  The special guests of honor were accompanied by QC Lancaster Band with members of the Philippine Orchid Society , invited guests and members of other plant societies.

interesting display of ikebana flower arrangement

There are over a dozen entry of the ikebana freestyle flower arrangement .What i noticed is that the participants are using living potted flowering orchids instead of the traditional cut-flowers . According to one of the participant in the competition, the flower shelf-life is longer compared to the cut-flowers.

Architect Bimbo Vergara

Among the top 5 winners is Architect Bimbo Vergara – He won 2 merit award ( BLUE ) First Place and ( RED ) Second Place . He used 2 live succulent plants , a Renanthera matutina a fire orchid species  which is found in Southeast Asian countries.   He completes the freestyle arrangement with a pedestal , tea cup and a standing Buddha to accentuate the design. Congratulations !


Ms. Dhory S. Alvendia

Ms. Dhory S. Alvendia is the President of the Floral Designers’ Circle of the Philippines . She had competed in numerous flower arrangement competitions locally and abroad.  Her entry is a pink unifoliate cattleya orchid .

Tillandsia xerographica

Tillandsia xerographica used to be rare both in cultivation and in the wild . But due to the help of different backyard hobbyists , farms and conservation efforts in their native Central and South America.  It is more abundant in cultivation .  The species is still threatened in the wild,  due to habitat destruction , over -collecting and insect infestation. The species is still listed in CITES .


santan bonsai

Santan is called Ixora , The flowering shrub has many uses and health benefits that include the extracting the barks , roots and even flowers .  Boiled ixora roots and stems can cure diarrhea, nausea, cough, asthma, wounds , sores and sometimes santan tea is made from dried flowers. The compact flowers are also used into leis making . 

Ms. Vangie Go is one of the big winners of the show

Some bonsai enthusiasts use santan shrub as a material for making bonsai. Santan can be very compact and their young stems can be trained and shaped into topiaries and are planted near temples. 

potted flowering orchids

flowering orchid hybrids and waling-walings were given as a token to the invited guests

L-R ASEC Hon. Leandro Gazmin, Atty . Rudy Sanidad, Mr. Jun Golamco and Mr. Kelvin Neil Manubay

A short program commenced after the short tour of the exhibition site , awards were given to the winners and small token of appreciation were given to the guests of honor .  A light afternoon snacks was served by resident caterer Ms. Baby De Leon.

bonsai exhibit

Professor Juan T. Lim is a bonsai and antique collector for several years, He is also active in many plants and animal clubs.  He had one of the most massive exhibit which delighted every visitors of the show.

Agoho bonsai or Casuarina equisetifolia

His prized winning Agoho bonsai or ( Casuarina equisetifolia) is at least 20 years -old . The tree species is found from Vietnam, Burma, Indo-China, French Polynesia , New Caledonia , Vanuatu , Australia and the Philippines

Professor Juan T. Lim

After the opening ceremonies, We were able to interviewed Mr. Lim and told him about his impressive bonsai .  He was very happy to win the award ” BEST Bonsai ” of the show . 

We all went to the commercial section and did some window shopping , Some extended their opening hours past 7:00pm to accommodate last minute buyers . I will be posting the list of the winners in landscaping competition , ikebana flower arrangement, ornamental plants, orchids and the BEST in SHOW Winners

The orchid show will run until September 8, 2014 . There will be a special 2-day PET SHOW -September 6 and 7 were different kinds of pets will be exhibited and there will be a pet competition and lecture scheduled on September 7, 2014 by Ms. Tiffany Cham.


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