AKSYON 2015 Millennium Development Goal Countdown in Quezon Memorial Circle

Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City-Philippines

Akyson 2015 convenor , freelance journalists , bloggers and Vice Mayor Ms. Maria Josefina ” Joy ” G. Belmonte of Quezon City

It is the 136th birth anniversary of Manuel L. Quezon and Quezon City day when we were invited by the organizers . In the Philippines, it is exactly 500 days until the end of 2015 , which is the deadline of the Millennium Development Goals  (MDGs) set by the United Nations and partner NGO groups , a coalition of civil society organizations in the country called on the decision and policy makers to take action to end poverty , inequality and good governance . The Aksyon/2015 National Action team members include: ACF Philippines, Beyond 2015 Philippines, Code NGO, CSC-CSD, FSSI, GCAP Philippines, Green Research, Plan International Philippines, Social Watch Philippines, and World Vision Philippines.

IMOVE for Justice , Peace and Equality

In Asia, the mobilization is called “iMove for Justice, Peace, and Equality.” In India, for example, people held a march protesting against the caste system.

Ms. Beckie Malay

We advocates for a just and sustainable future , seek to engage those that have been left behind by economic growth and those hit by disasters in events and activities that amplify calls for the ” future  we want” . Mahalagang marinig ang mga naiiwan ng pag-unlad at ang mga nadelubyo at iba pang mga sakuna. “.  said Ms. Beckie Malay of the Philippine Rural Reconstruction Movement, and convenor of Aksyon2015. For the Philippines campaign, – It is called AKSYON 2015 project .

Hon. Maria Josefina ” Joy ” Belmonte

Quezon City Vice Mayor- Maria Josefina “Joy” Belmonte expressed the city action plant for the project  , adding that QC launched its urban farming program which allows families across the city to grow their own vegetables.  Urban farms can also help at times of calamities, especially when typhoons hit provinces and food supplies are affected.  Aside from the fact,  that the city had one of the highest malnutrition rate among Metro Manila cities.

Quezon City has 84 urban farms at present, and is currently working with Nueva Vizcaya for a “farmer-to-consumer” project enabling farmers to keep a bigger share of their earnings.

“We teach communities farming technologies. Some barangays use idle lands or vacant properties to grow vegetables and have pick-and-pay mechanisms where families can get discounts,” Belmonte explained on the sidelines of the launch.

Aside from these Quezon City is also adopting the ” Cleanest and Greenest ” Barangay Project . There is also a “SEAL of Good House Keeping ” which the city plans to adopt in their barangays .  Health Care is  also a top priority for the local government . They are planning to have a special HIV-AIDS ward in one of the city run hospital.

Quezon City government  is also opening a museum within the Quezon Memorial Circle to showcase the different barangays and it is the first environment friendly museum in the country.

Although some of the projects are not popular with some sectors of the society . It means an increase of property taxes, increase in local taxes and old habits.

Mr. Francis dela Cruz

Mr. Francis dela Cruz is another spokesperson for the Climate Action Network ( Philippines )  , He was invited to speak on his active involvement with the environmental advocates . He cited some of the recent catastrophic disasters which wrench havoc to the community .  The Climate Action Network (CAN) is a worldwide network of over 900 Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in over 100 countries working to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels.

Climate Change.Org: http://climatenetwork.org/

Mr. Erning Ofrecio

Ka Erning Ofrecio is one of the urban poor sector leader . He is quite dismayed over some government policies which are not pro-poor .  He also recounted being rush to a government hospital few months ago and he was not given proper attention by the medical staffs of the hospital. Relatives, Friends and other sectors leaders were able to solicit some money which his family used for his medical needs.

It is good that these NGO groups had bonded together for the greater cause . After the presentation , lunch were serve and more dialogues will be held to create more awareness and an action plan needed for AKSYON 2015 .

Note : I would like to ” Thank” the organizers for inviting the author

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