Pork Madness at Livestock Restaurant and Bar in Sergeant Esguerra Avenue , Quezon City

34 Jardin De Zenaida Compound, Sergeant Esguerra Avenue, Near Tomas Morato, South Triangle, Quezon City-Philippines

facade of the restaurant and bar

The restaurant is called Livestock because they owned a piggery, the biggest one in Bulacan province. The place is near Will’s Tower Mall and Condominium around the vicinity of Barangay South Triangle.

second floor

The Restaurant had opened its door only last year , The dining area can accommodate about 75 people at any given date and its AL- Fresco dining area can sit around 40 people. When we wanted a place to hang-out or just to relax ,  Livestock is the answer ! It is a place for pork madness and a whole lot to offer to the visiting clientele.

dining area ground floor

The place had a function room which can accommodate 80 pax . The room  can be divided into 2 smaller room with a sitting capacity of 40 .

Ms. Rowena Abunda (team leader) , Ms. Ching Magdangal -Uy ( owner) and Ms. Moonu Magdangal – (manager)

We were met by Ms. Moonu Magdangal , Ms. Rowena Abunda and Ms. Ching Magdangal -Uy when we visited the place. This is not my first time to eat at the restaurant , one of my favorite menu is the livestock cracking pork and bacon ice cream sandwich .

photos of celebrities are posted in a portion of the restaurant wall

Celebrities includes Mr. Joem Bascon , Ms. Angel Locsin, Mr. Joey Marquez, Mr. JC De Vera , Mr. Kim Atienza,  Mr. Anthony Taberna ,Mr. Paolo Contis, Mr. Henry Omaga-Diaz  , Mr. Noli De Castro of ABS-CBN channel 2 among others.

Ice tea

The place is also known for their  refreshments such as imported wines, salabat  ( ginger ) tea and fruit  smoothies

spiced pig tail

This is one of the signature dish that the restaurant offers to their clientele , It is made from pig tail marinated with herbs and spices . It is crunchy and can be shared with 4 to 5 people. It is best accompanied with vinegar dip  – Php 280 per serving

Livestock pizza

Livestock Pizza  is a thin pizza dough with mozzarella cheese, urugula salad , quesong puti , cherry tomatoes, black olives , adobo chicken and pork flakes and tomato sauce. The combination of ingredients in this dish is fascinating. MUST TRY at Php 395 per order


seafood laksa

 Seafood Laksa-  I love how the chef had mixed all the ingredients from vermicelli noodles  , prawns,muscles , squid  coriander leaves , fresh mung bean sprouts and the spiciness . It is the only seafood dish of the restaurant .  Ideal for sharing with 4 to 5 people MUST TRY Php 290

livestock crackling pork belly

This is one of my favorite menu in the restaurant .  The pork is marinated with special sauces and spices stuffed with  fresh herbs like lemon grass .

It is then roasted until crispy , It is best accompanied with the special livestock’s liver sauce and vinegar.  It is a boneless and tender lechon! You can easily cut the pork belly into several bite sized portion without any hassle.

300 grams- Php 290, 500 grams- Php 490 , 1 kilo-Php 895

Melts in Your Mouth – Crispy Pata

The Crispy Pata or Deep- Fried Pork Knuckles is so soft you could cleave it with a Popsicle stick. The crispy pata is served in a wooden tray with condiments made from soy sauce and vinegar mixture together with chopped onions , garlic and chilies . 

popsicle stick used to cut the crispy pata into bite size bits

It literally melts in to your mouth !!! It was well-cooked that the inside meat was tender and so soft! It can be easily cut through by just using a single popsicle stick .  MUST TRY Php 590 per serving

mushroom pilaf rice

It is a rice with fresh button and shitake mushrooms simmered in chicken stock .

Petite- Php 130 ( ideal for 2 to 3 people)  Grande -Php 348 ( ideal for 4 to 6 people)

pork cheek bourguignon

Pork Cheek Bourguignon is braise in red wine sauce while the other is in creamy soup base.  The flavors of both dishes are distinct .  The dish is said to originate in Burgundy region of France.  The one in red wine or what is commonly known as bourguignon with sliced carrots and mushrooms .  Php 380 per serving.

kangkong sambal with pritchon lechon

Kangkong Sambal with Pritchon Lechon is a combination of two dishes. It also have fried chopped garlic as toppings.

bacon Ice cream sandwich

 Bacon Ice Cream Sandwich is plain vanilla ice cream on French Toast. It is sprinkled with bacon strips to blend a little saltiness to the sweet dessert taste and topped with mint leaves . Ideal for 1 to 3 people Php 180

I would give a thumbs -up for this restaurant , i liked the ” Pork Theme ” and their dishes. The restaurant is open to catering services and reservations.

Note: We would like to ” Thank” the manager and the owner for the warm accommodation 

How to Commute

The area is accessible from different mode of transportation. It is just a few blocks away from MRT Quezon Avenue station .

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LivestockMics

Landline : (02) 332 0409

Store Operation : 11:00am to 2:00am

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