68th Mid Year Orchid and Pet Show Schedule of Lectures and Demonstration

Quezon City , Philippines


Schedule of Daily Lectures and Demonstration

August 29, Container Gardening and Plant Nutrition -Allied Botanical Corporation

August 30, Cattleya Orchid Growing – Atty. Hernando Perez

August 31- Ancient Art of Bonsai – Prof. Serapion Metilla

September 1-Growing Monopodial Orchid- Mr. Jun Golamco

September 2 – Tips in Protecting Your Orchids from Pests and Diseases – Mr. Norberto Bautista

September 3- Common Mistakes in Landscaping – Mr. Jimmy Floro

September 4- Ornamental Plant Variety Registration with the National Seed Industry  Council- Bureau of Plant Industry –  Dr. Vicencio Mamaril and Dr. Herminigilda A. Gabertan

September 5 – Wiring and Shaping Tips of Bonsai Plants- Mr. Jun Golamco

September 6- Growing Grammatophyllum Orchid Species – Ms. Vangie Go

September 7 – Culturing Feeder Insects as an Alternative Source of Income – Ms. Tiffany  Cham

Note: All lectures start at 2:00PM . It is included in the entrance fees and part of the show.

Entrance Fees: Php 30.00 general public Php 20.00 students and senior citizens with valid ID’s


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