Uratex For Life : Search for Quality Products

My grandparents maternal family business started in the mid-1950’s in Gandara street ( aka Sabino Padilla street ). The street is known for their upholstery , canvass , foams, bed mattress and plastic chairs.  One of the products being sold at the store are Uratex foams and plastic chairs.

upholstery store in Gandara street ( Sabino Padilla street )

Eventually some of my aunts and cousins expanded and have their own upholstery businesses in other parts of Metro Manila.

Business is quite good until the arrival of imported China canvasses, bed mattress and plastics chairs which flooded the market.

Senso-Memory by: Uratex

Some of them would close their shop due to competition with other supply stores which carry cheaper and imported goods.  We notice is that no matter how cheap competitors have,   Customers are still patronizing Uratex products because they are made from quality materials.

We have some bed mattresses , upholstery sala sets ( foam from Uratex ) and plastic mono-block chairs . They are quite sturdy and can last for several decades with very minimal maintenance .

My tip for those buying bed mattress , sala set and mono block chairs, Try to source them from accredited Uratex dealers and stores which bears the brand.

For more information of the newest products , Please try to visit the links:

Website: http://uratexfoam.ph/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/UratexPhilippines

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