Team Kramer at HOME with Uratex

2nd Floor Atrium , SM Megamall , Mandaluyong City -Philippines

poster of the event

Uratex is the country’s leading foam , upholstery, mono-block chairs manufacturer  for more than 45 years. We were invited to a special launching and meet and greet of the famous family – The family is fondly called TEAM KRAMER and with over 1,700,000 followers on their Facebook page , twitter and instagram account.

L-R Mr. Doug Kramer, Ms. Cheska  Garcia -Kramer and their daughters Kendra and Scarlet playing

Uratex firmly believes that “a family who sleeps and takes a good sleep is happier, healthier, and does more bonding activities.” And the best family that could represent this is no other than Team Kramer

Q and A portion

I got a chance to ask a question on how long does the Kramer family is using URATEX Home products . The family stays in one bed that Mr. Doug Kramer had to order a customized mattress from Uratex , The family is happily using the bed for  few months already. They couldn’t fit -in a king sized bed because of their size and due to the playfulness of the kids .  But the family could easily fit-in  a king and a half sized which Doug named as an “Emperor -sized bed”.

sleep expert from Saint Luke’s Hospital

The couple puts the kids to bed when they are already . They would also read bible stories fairy tales and watch DVD’s  marathon  to the kids, until they fell asleep. Mr. Doug and Cheska Kramer  also shared that Kendra even wanted to have her own Uratex Mattress in her own bed, Kendra loved to play around . She is the best endorser of the mattress. 

jam packed- crowd

I have posted several days ago about a story of my mother’s family -Upholstery business spanning for more than 50 years! Almost all our appliances like sofa, mattress, bed and mono-block chairs  are bought from the company.  Some of my aunts are still in the business of upholstery and some of them gradually shifted to interior decorations and townhouse developers.  I must say that it is a life-long partnership with the company.

URATEX HOME showcased their newest,stylish furniture, sofa beds, and home beds  . how the company caters the right kind of  service that each member of the family .


Uratex provides uninterrupted sleep and quality foam because of an innovation called “Quali-5 Cellular Technology” which makes sure that all Uratex foams are produced with world-class quality. It also shows the company’s superior formulation and stringent process through its ISO-90001 certified facilities and top of the class equipment. Their sofa’s and mattress are also hypo-allergenic .

Hampton’s Series

Hampton Series which comes in 4 models: Royale, Prestige, Mystique, and Premiere and AIRLITE COLLECTION . There is an ongoing 10 % to 20% discount promo which customers can avail until this weekend.

Ms. Natividad” Naty ” Cheng- one of the pillars of the company

 The company also established during that decade was a major foam factory in Muntinlupa City to cater to the industrial needs of the Calabarzon (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal and Quezon) area; a foam research and development center; and a separate subsidiary called RGC Textile, to manufacture of the Boa fabric for the local toy industry. It was such a privilege to meet the founders and pillars of the upholstery industry . I was a bit surprise that Ms. Naty Cheng knew some of my aunts who were the dealers of URATEX products

URATEX corporate heads and partners

Adults and the General public  will also be very happy hopping around and sleeping comfortably with the URATEX HOME products . I am sure about it since we are using them in our home for several decades!

lucky winners

The event is well-attended and i saw some event partners like Jolly Food Corporation  and wonderful prizes that were raffled -off to media, bloggers and corporate partners which attended the event.


“URATEX My Home Event” is in partnership with SM Home, SM Store, and SM Megamall. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page and Follow them on Instagram!

FLYACE Food Corporation :

Note: I would like to ” Thank” the organizers of the event and URATEX company for the event.

Big Winners of the 68th Mid-Year Philippine Orchid Society’s Landscaping Competition

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak, Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City , Philippines

Professor Juan T. Lim

Professor Juan T. Lim had one of the most massive exhibits during the show. He won the ” BEST Bonsai of the Show”  An Agoho tree which is over 20-years old .

bonsai exhibit

Japanese eclectic design with matching tropical plants and bonsai

In the 68th Mid-Year Orchid and Pet show within Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( Flower Garden)  Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City . There are over a dozen landscape divided into 2 categories. Orchid and Ornamental Landscape category.

Constel Nature Garden

The landscape is a Japanese minimalist -inspired landscape exhibit of Constel’s Nature Garden located in Fairview , Quezon City . The landscape had several bonsai materials and one of the main exhibit is the tamarind bonsai with fruits !

Cactus and Bromeliads

Several varieties of sansevierias, bromeliads , tillandsias , agaves and succulents were showcased in this landscape exhibit  . The rocks , boulders are man-made and made of concrete with wires. It is a trend by some landscapers to use artificial stones , rock formation  in their landscape in order to save time and hauling costs.

combination of tropical flowering plants and variegated scheffleras

Cactus and Succulents Society of the Philippines –THIRD PLACE

Executed and designed by Architect Bimbo Vergara, This landscape exhibit won 3rdplace in the ornamental landscape exhibit . The 1st , 2nd and 3rd place winners of cactus and succulent plants were also part of the exhibit

Bromeliads- SECOND PLACE

This exhibits showed the different types of bromeliads , alcantarea and ordinary flowering plants . The three alcantarea varieties won 1st , 2nd and 3rd place in the ornamental plant competition.

bonsai exhibit- FIRST Place

This bonsai exhibit were from the collection of Mr. Manuel and Susan Lee

Orchid Landscape Exhibits

Dr. Hernando B. Perez pose at his landscape exhibit

Malvarosa Orchids and Ornamental Farm is located in Malvar , Batangas . Dr. Hernando B. Perez is one of the few Filipinos who are breeders of cattleyas and other orchid varieties . He started growing and propagating orchids since in early 1970’s and started joining orchid and garden show since in early 1980’s .

Mr. Manuel Lee and Susan Lee orchid landscape

The husband and wife team had 2 landscape entered in the competition. The first one was the bonsai exhibit and the second exhibit is the orchid landscape exhibit. The exhibit shows different types of orchid genera which includes Vandas, Mokara, Kagawaras, Oncidiums, Dendrobiums, Cattleyas, Vanda sanderiana

Mrs. Corazon Purificacion and Mrs. Ana Ruth Purificacion-Conde orchid landscape exhibit  THIRD PLACE

Dendrochilum latisepalum var. macranthum

Using some old window panels , water feature and cement pots as additional accents . They also have a specimen Dendrochilum latisepalum var. macranthum

specimen orchid with hundreds of flowers

These  types of orchid species are very popular in Europe and in the United States of America as potted plants . They commonly referred too as “rice orchids” because of their flowers resemble the stalks of the rice . The flowers seems to attract small insects such as flies and mosquitoes because of their pungent smell. This specimen orchids with hundreds of flowers won 2nd place .

Ms. Vangie Go -Waling -waling orchid exhibit



The big winner of of the 68th Mid-Year orchid landscape exhibit competition goes to the tandem of Mrs. Corazon Purificacion and Mrs. Ana Ruth Purificacion -Conde . The landscape exhibit combines the colorful hybrids and native orchid species in the landscape .  At the upper right side of the exhibit ,  A specimen sized Dendrobium aphyllum was added . The bright green leaves of this deciduous orchid species add beauty to the overall landscape.

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