Hepamin OD: Silymarin in Action to Protect our Liver

Narra Building, Pasong Tamo , Makati City -Philippines

The liver is the largest glandular organ of our body which performs many vital functions to keep the body from toxins and harmful substances. However, it is also a silent organ that can be damaged without us knowing it because there are no visible or felt symptoms until its already in a worst condition.

With the proliferation of fatty, oily and junk foods, and the indulgence of many to different varieties of alcoholic drinks and liquor, many of us are highly susceptible to many kinds of liver diseases including the Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) which is the abnormal accumulation of fat in the liver cells. This disease may cause the liver to swell with risk factors such as obesity, diabetes, overweight and metabolic syndrome. Thus it is very important to take some form of liver care supplements to get the protection we won’t normally get from our regular diet and exercise.

important ingredients used in manufacturing Hepamin OD

Hepamin OD, brought to us by pharmaceutical company Trianon International Inc., is now being introduced to the market to provide the much needed silymarin on a once-a-day dosage as part of the management of liver diseases such as NAFLD.

Silymarin is a unique flavonoid complex containing silydianin, silychrisin and silybin that is derived from the milk thistle plant. Milk thistle is the number one recommended plant extract for the protection and detoxification of vital liver function.

The forum was held last September 4, 2014 at the Trianion Plenary Hall of Trianon International located at the Narra Building at Pasong Tamo Extension of Makati city.

At a media health forum organized by Trianon International, members of the blogging community were treated to a short talk about NAFLD from Dr. Katherine Arupo-Reyes.

Dr. Katherine recommends the use of liver protective supplements, lifestyle modification such as regular exercise, eating in moderation and avoiding fatty foods, soda and sugar.

The officers of Trianon International were also present to add additional information to further increase our knowledge of the Hepamin OD product that is said to be imported from abroad.

Hepamin OD has a high silymarin content of 300 mg with an additional 150 mg of other hepato-protective agent (Dandelion Root and Artichoke Leaf). Silymarin is now also being prescribed as a prophylaxis for progression of fatty liver to more severe forms of liver disease.

For those who wanted to know about their products , try to visit their website.

Website: http://www.trianon.com.ph/

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