Los Baños Horticulture Society 2014 Mid-Year Show

Los Baños Horticulture Society  will be having a plant sale and exhibit from Oct 10-19, 2014 at the Seniors’ Social Garden,In University of the Philippines ,Los Baños in Laguna province  . The show will feature fruit trees and many other ornamental plants.

Seedless Dwarf Ambarella

photo courtesy : Dr. Roberto Coronel

Ambarella or hevi (Spondias cytherea), a native of Polynesia, is a large tree botanically related to the red mombin or siniguelas. This photo is from the RC Fruit Conservation Farm in Calauan, Laguna. A potted fruiting tree of the seeded strain will be on exhibit at the Flower and Garden Show .

special lecture

There will be a special lecture about propagating fruit plants in home and garden by Dr. Roberto E. Coronel , Mr. Bayani Mendones ( Farm Manager ) RC Farm on October 18, 2014.  There will be an attendance raffle after the lecture .

Aside from the plant , landscape competition, there will be bazaars and plant stalls . There is a minimal entrance fee of Php 30 and Php 20 for students and senior citizens with valid ID’s . See you at the Show!


5 thoughts on “Los Baños Horticulture Society 2014 Mid-Year Show”

  1. Missed the show this year. Would appreciate if you can provide next year’s schedule so I can include in my calendar reminder.

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi, Please try to visit my blog for the latest update about plant show and orchid shows around Metro Manila and nearby places.

      There will be Cactus and Succulent Show- Quezon Memorial Circle – November 13 to 23, Hortikultura Extravaganza 2015 organize by Philippine Horticulture Society – January 21 to Feb.2 , 2015 Quezon Memorial Circle, Flora Filipina 2015 organized by Philippine Orchid Society- Later part of February 2015 also within Quezon Memorial Circle

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