Uratex Plant Hopping Tour : An Experience to Cherish

URATEX Plant- Km. 23 East Service Road,Baranggay Cupang ,  South Superhighway , Muntinlupa City, Philippines

Ms. Abby Candelaria

I arrived at the Uratex Plant shortly after past 9:00am. Commuted from Quezon City to Alabang station then took a jeepney ride which passes the service road going to the Uratex Plant. Then was greeted by AMPR head and Uratex Plant manager upon my arrival.

Uratex Plant

The company is the biggest in Southeast Asia and even exports its mattress and beds in many Asian countries like Korea and Taiwan.

scale model of the factory

The event is said to be around past 10:00am,  It is better to be early rather than to be late. I am quite excited to join this plant tour organized by AMPR and Uratex company , Our family and immediate relatives were  long time dealer of Uratex products for more than 40 years.

plastic bottles and containers are piled-up for recycling

The plant is quite big , it covers about 10 hectares and it is well-maintained , clean and efficient.

media briefing

There were about 50 or so bloggers, traditional media, online news, magazine writers that are included in the tour. We were divided into 4 groups .

The plant tour consist of four areas:

1.) Research and Development 

This is the most important section of the plant. Most of the time this is off-limits to the visiting public and different types of foams are tested for the applicability , durability and usage.  I think this is the most important part of the plant visit.

different color and density of foams

The company has a Foam Research and Development and Process Engineering Departments that are dedicated in continuous development and acquisition of advance technology, equipment, processes all over the world.

The departments ensure that Uratex Foam are of high quality and of world class standard.  Foams are also custom made into different sizes and shapes.

various certification and commendation received

2.) Hennecke / Foaming 

This is where they blend the materials used to make the foam. From liquid, it will be stored in a cool area till it is ready. ( It is an area where they keep it cold like chambers)

storage of chemicals

garden of elves

Before we left the cooling / storage area. We saw a small garden with miniature house with elves and mushroom.

Merry -Go-Round type of cutting tools

3.) Cutting 

Cutting foam is very important and the procedure is done at a fast phase .  The company uses state of the art modern machinery and tools which are imported from other countries.

state of the art cutting equipment

vertifoam machine

 scale model of the vertifoam machine.

Only Uratex has “Quali 5 Cellular Technology” which is defined as the collection of the qualities and technologies that make sure that the Uratex foams produced by the company are of high and world-class quality.

retaso foam

 Dealers and foam sellers would call scrap foam ( retaso foam) they are scrap foam remelted and form into a new foam for mattress , bedding, rugs ,cushion,  props  or just simply for stuffing packages . They are cheaper compared to the single colored foam . They are also the most in demand for the budget conscious people.

Technogel Technology

4.) Showroom

This is where we have our shopping spree, We were given pepsi softdrink and was able to purchase some products at a factory price.

Most of us lingered and marveled at the variety of products that the company had produced  .  The company had also ventured into food container and plastic items.

Note: I would like to “Thank” Uratex and AMPR for the special tour .

Contact Information

Tel: (632) 842-6326 to 27

Fax: (632) 842-3127

Store Hours:
Monday to Saturday 8 – 6pm
Sunday 10 – 6pm

Please visit these links:

Twitter: @Uratexfoam

Uratex: http://www.uratex.com.ph/

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