Year of the Wooden Goat – Starts a brand New Year with Feng Shui Paint

Chinese New Year ( Year of the Goat )  is just a few days away , In Feng Shui , the right location of walls and paint colors can promote a good flow of energy and enhance the positive feelings in a home. A challenging wall location will do the opposite – it can block, or completely stop the flow of energy , thus creating a stagnant space where not much good is happening.

Choosing a right color makes a big difference in one’s home or office. One popular way to choose a sala set is to make it compatible to its walls and other fixtures. Another important area is choosing a bedroom color is to take a look at your closet and see which colors you wear the most. While this sounds interesting and it sure can be helpful, what if you wear colors that you just can’t picture on your bedroom walls?
Here’s where feng shui comes to the rescue with really solid tips focused on your health (and you love life, too!) After all, we do spend a great deal of time in our bedrooms (hopefully not only sleeping, but also sharing beautiful moments with the loved ones). So, let’s look at feng shui and see how this ancient art can help you with the best choice of bedroom colors.
All items are available on Chinese New Year, Feb 19.
So far I have here three paint centers that will surely offer the product:
1. Bright Paint Center – 101 DMC Building, Felix Ave Cainta, Rizal ( Near Federal Hardware )
3. Fortress 8 Gen. Mdsg. – 

Mobile: 0919-466-3338

Facebook Page:

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