10 Reasons to Visit Sikat Pinoy National Food Fair 2015

Megatrade Halls 1-3, at SM Megamall in Mandaluyong City.

With the theme Piling-Piling Pagkaing Pilipino, more than 150 exhibitors from all over the country will be bringing their regional delicacies and culinary specialties. Product categories to be showcased in the four-day event include meat, fish and marine products; processed fruits and vegetables; ingredients, sauces and condiments; wines and beverages; coffee, tea and cocoa; bakery products, snacks and confectioneries; organic, herbal and natural products; and food supplements and vitamins.

For more information, contact the DTI-Bureau of Domestic Trade Promotion at telephone no. 751-3223, fax no. 751-3224, or email bdtp@dti.gov.ph. Please “Like” the Facebook page www.facebook.com/sikatpinoyfairs for updates on Sikat Pinoy events.

10. Recipe sharing by Re-known Chef-
There are several cooking demonstration, lecture and inspirational talks among industry practitioners, chefs , marketing experts during the duration of the fair. It aims to share their knowledge, marketing skills, entrepreneurial management to share their inspiration among the visiting public.

Chef Boy Logro

9. Local and Fruit Wines- There are different kinds of local wines ( lambanog / basi ) to choose from.  Now they even process local fruits like Marang, Lipote , Mango and mixed fruits. Some of the packaging are at par with the international standards and sometimes mistaken for imported wines .


8. Pork Crackling and Chicharon- I saw different types of chicharon / pork crackling being sold at the fair. They are from Bulacan, Pampanga, Davao and even within Metro Manila. There is also made from chicharon from carabao , mussels  ( tahong ) and even fish skin being sold at the fair.

John and Mico

7. Local Dairy Products – Local dairy products like cheese, yema, powdered milk, pastillas de leche, cow’s milk, carabao’s milk , kesong puti and products derived from local diary industry shine in the fair.

Rachelle’s Sorbet and Ice Cream

Titay’s Original

6. Native Biscuits – There are different kinds of local biscuits for sale at the trade fair. Titay’s Rosquillos. The Original. This round, scalloped-edge biscuit is a pleasure to eat. Wear it around each finger. Dip it in coffee. Titay’s Rosquillos is an all-time favorite. The first cookie was made around 1907. People far and wide came to a northern town called Liloan to look for a nameless cookie that was baked by a young woman, Margarita Frasco or Titay to those who stopped by her store for a snack.

OTAP and Galletas de Bato

Soon, everyone wanted to have a taste of this divine treat. With flour, eggs, shortening, and her secret recipe, Titay made golden brown biscuits shaped like rosca (ringlets). And she baked dozens and dozens in her hudnohan (clay oven). Until one day, the provincial governor, hearing about the famous biscuit, dropped by in town. But when he asked about the name of the goodie, Titay was without words. It was then the governor had a novel idea. He wore a crunchy, ringlet-shaped cookie on his finger and said, “rosquillos.”  A portion of the proceeds from every purchase of Rosquillos Corazon goes to charity. Truly a Rosquillos with a heart.

Titay’s Liloan Rosquillos & Delicacies, Inc.
08-88888 Liloan, Cebu 6002 Philippines
Tel No.: 063 (32) 564 2993
Fax No.: 063 (32) 424 8888

Cebu Office Address:
5th Floor, #504, Innove Building
Cebu Business Park, Cebu City, Cebu 6000
Tel.: 063 (32) 419 9418

Website: http://www.titays.com/rosquillos.php

Tipas Hopia from Taguig

5. Hopias – Another all time favorite among Filipinos are mungbean cakes or hopias.

peanut triangle

Shanvee Food Products – The peanuts are process into triangles . Contact Person: Maria Christine Flandez -Viscara ( Owner / General Manager)0935-560-9497 . The company is based from Baybay , Leyte province.

4. Native Delicacies and Nuts- There are all sorts of nuts that are for sale from peanuts, cashew nuts and to pili nuts from the Bicol region.

pili nuts process into different kinds of sweet coatings

3.  Native Chocolates- There are different Philippine companies that are into processing of cocoa and  using organic and healthy sugar alternative like coconut palm sugar .

Coco Dolce

Kablon Farms- chocolate

Laing in Bottles

2. Innovated Packaging– OFW and People who do not have the luxury of time cooking laing ( taro leaves ) and other Bicol delicacies can buy these in bottles.

1. Filipino companies and their products– Majority of the participants are small to medium scale enterprises from far flung provinces by purchasing their products , any trade fair buyers can help these communities.

The SikatPinoy National Food Fair will be held from March 25 to 29, 2015, at SM Megamall, Megatrdae Hall 1 to 3.


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