Live Mas and Celebrate Change at Taco Bell

Gateway Mall, Cubao, Quezon City -Philippines

 wide array of food menus to choose from

 Taco Bell has become a destination of Metro Manila’s young and active individuals who hunger for a great dining adventure. The company started their operations since October 18, 2004.  The restaurant is getting a lot of good reviews from its customers and currently expanding its market to cater more people.

Gateway Mall , Cubao

Taco Bell Philippines now has three stores located at the G/F and 3rd Level of Gateway Mall, Food Express of Gateway Mall and 2nd Level Trinoma, Quezon City. More stores are set to be opened in strategic locations in Metro Manila in the years to come.

 wide space

The restaurant outlet brings out a more energetic and rustic feeling  , with its bright colorful lighting , stylish furnishing , wide open spaces not to mention a FREE Wi-Fi internet connection and a Charging station . It is a place to take time -off , chill out and relax.

All new Taco Bell opened the very first Live MÁs store in South East Asia, delighting its loyal customers with their new look and wide array of Mexican dishes.

 churros with chocolate dip

Churros is a fried dough pastry predominantly choux snacks. The snack are popular in Spain, France, Mexico , Latin America, United States and the Philippines .

value meal with rice and dips

The chips is quite addicting and had a distinct taste. It is best serve hot .

fellow bloggers, freelance writers enjoyed the meal

MÁS HEART as Taco Bell goes the extra mile in serving their customers and MÁS VALUE in serving the best quality food at prices that the customers love.

 For Orders and Reservation , Please try to contact or visit the following stores:

Taco Bell Gateway: 911-6400†
Taco Bell Food Express: 911-3130†
Taco Bell Trinoma: 901-3634†


Facebook Page: TacoBellPHL

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