Kada Barkada : Teenage Oriented Show on ABC channel 5

Quezon City , Philippines

I was on my weekend stroll together with some of my friends . Technically,  It was more of a collectible hunting trip. My friend invited a couple of us into her home since they are already moving to a much smaller house . They are throwing some stuffs and i saw some old photos of a group of teenagers with some autographs. Hence , She made some quite revelations and stories behind those photos she kept for around 21 years!.

L-R Mr. Caloy Javier , Ms. Mylene Dizon, Mr. Ricky Liboro, Ms. Sandy Aloba and Mr. Dois Riego De Dios ( original cast of Kada)

KADA is a shorten Filipino word  Barkada,  In street slang which means a group of friends or a gang )  – This was a television magazine ( youth- oriented ) show on then ABC channel  5 which aired  every Saturday afternoon about 4:00pm from 1993 to 1996 .

I think,  the television show started out as an experimental project of  some sorts of advertising agencies during that time.  ( Most of the celebrities were from De La Salle University except for Mr.Caloy Javier   ) . During that time, it was the only teen-oriented program that was fast-paced, cutting edge which had an undeniably chic which created some appeal to the teens . Apart from the usual personality interviews , tourist areas, hangout places,   the team executed instructional videos , their version of music videos, and mixture of other audio-visual goodies. The show is one of the reasons ‘why’ a beer brand ( Cali Shandy ) became popular among the teenagers and young professionals . I think they tapped some of the celebrities in their commercial .

Another aspect of the show, is they promote bank saving among the youth  ( Landbank is one of the major sponsor)  . One of the requisites to become member of the Kada Barkada Club is to open an account with  Land Bank of the Philippines.  Members of the club would have some sort of perks by joining the group . They had their eyeball / meeting together with the hosts and the sponsors. It was told to me by my friend who is a big fan of these teen oriented shows. She later joined Gimmick and TGIS fan clubs.

signed autograph by the hosts ( sandy , caloy , mylene, ricky , dois )

 The host of KADA Barkada are an odd mixture of lesser known and budding talents during the early 1990’s   (Although some of them were commercial models): Mr. Dois Riego De Dios,  He is like the big brother ( kuya ) of the group . He had a couple of television commercial  , appeared in a kid show in ABS-CBN channel 2 and taught at DLSU for sometime )   Mr. Caloy Javier, who had a  bad boy image type .

Ms. Sandy Aloba – chubby, bubbly  band singer and program host ; Ms. Mylene Dizon later ventured into show business and moving to ABS-CBN channel 2 after that ( she is the most visible among the group ) .

Mr. Ricky Liboro, the nerdy, intelligent , soft spoken, next neighborhood boy . He is also a part time commercial model too !  (  Ivory Soap commercial  circa 1992- 1993 ) according to my friend , He is one of the first male celebrity commercial model of the brand in the country.  My friend also told me that ( Mr. Liboro ) is one of her crushes , that explained ‘why’ she still keep the old photos that she got.   Mr. Ricky Liboro is now connected with a top- banking company in the Philippines.  I have no idea on what ever happened to the rest of the team. She pretty knows a lot about this person.

Some of them graduated from the show after some episodes were replaced by Mai Mai / My My Davao is still active in showbiz with occasional television guesting and hosting. She also belongs to the Davao celebrity clan.

Ms. Trisha or Tricia was also part of the show , especially during the later part.

Eventually more commercialized teen-oriented shows from GMA Channel 7 ( TGIS)  and ABS-CBN channel 2 ( Gimmick ) gained more viewership by mid- 1995 and 1996 which eventually cause the viewers attention to both of the station.

My friend  have around half a dozen of those small pocket sized photos with autographs ! I happened to be there at the right place and at the right time when she gave me one ! She told me that she attended one of the grand eyeball of Kada and one of the items given away during the eyeball was the pocket photos of the original members.

Until My Next Hunting Trip !



2 thoughts on “Kada Barkada : Teenage Oriented Show on ABC channel 5”

  1. Wow! I’m sorting my old photos and saw my pics with the cast of KADA, as well as our pics with them. And this prompted me to google the show.

    I wonder who your friend is. She could be in the photo that I have. I used to attend the Kada grand eyeball too (Star City and Ngayong Pilipino). Those were the days…

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