METRO Online Influencers Kapihan sa Wheatberry Bakery and Coffee Shop

84 Scout Castor cor. Scout Tuazon, Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City-Philippines

L-R Miss Lynda Jumilla -ABS-CBN channel 2 reporter , Ms. Janette Toral ( social media e-commerce practitioner ) Vice-Mayor Isko Moreno ( Manila),Dr. Ana Maria L. Tabunda ( Pulse Asia -Research Director )and Atty. Karen Jimeno ( CNN Philippines anchor , host )

It was a bright and sunny day , We were invited to join a press conference and a coffee snack at the Wheatberry Bakery and Coffee Shop located just a stone throw away from a popular Filipino restaurant where fellow coin, stamp and ephemera collectors would meet once in a while .

Topic: “ Role of online media and influencers in shaping up the business
and political landscape of the country towards 2016″

Engr. Lance Cheng-Marketing Manager of Bewell Nutraceuticals Corporation

Bewell Nutraceuticals Corporation is  one of the sponsors of the kapihan , They gave away some samples of BEWELL-C Plus Calcium , which is a non acidic, vitamin C which strengthens bones and teeth and can be consumed on an empty stomach . Unlike other commercial brands , they are relatively cheaper and available in major drugstores nationwide.

Bewell C Plus Calcium:

Facebook Page: Bewell C Plus Calcium

It is called Metro Online Influencer Kapihan where online writers, social media writers, bloggers , marketing heads , media and even companies are there to meet.

Grab Taxi

 Facebook Page: Grab Taxi

Grab Taxi is one of the sponsors of the event, They are the one who provided the transportation and having an application in your mobile phone will make commuting easier


Senator Antonio Trillanes successfully launched a nationwide campaign from his prison cell as he ran and won a seat in the Philippine Senate on a shoestring budge. Social media and netizens greatly help him won a seat in the senate.

He had also an active FB sonny trillanes where followers and admirers can reach him

Senator Antonio Trillanes together with Engr. Lance Cheng and Miss Bewell-C

Vice Mayor – Isko Moreno

Manila’s current vice mayor isko moreno is among the guest panelist , He said that Manila is one of the first cities in the country which introduced FREE WI FI services in waiting shed and some public areas.

Ms. Janette Toral showed the increasing change of some social media medium like Facebook which had  become more accessible to the masses and more and more people are using different kinds of new medium .

A new study of how the campaigns are using digital tools to talk directly with voters-bypassing the filter of traditional media-finds that President Barack Obama campaign posted nearly four times as much content as the Romney campaign and was active on nearly twice as many platforms.

In theory, digital technology allows leaders to engage in a new level of “conversation” with voters, transforming campaigning into something more dynamic, more of a dialogue, than it was in the 20th century.

Involvement through Empowerment.  This was the mission of the Barack Obama campaign. The first political campaign in history to truly harness the power of social media to spread the word, garner support and get people engaged. The Obama campaign reached 5 million supporters on 15 different social Networks over the course of campaign season; by November 2008, Obama had approximately 2.5 million (some sources say as many as 3.2 million)

In the Philippine setting , Some politicians are also finding ways on how to harness the power of social media. It can work in both ways and there are also bashers , fakes accounts.

People will also become more aware and it can work in both ways with social media trending / viral topics are even pick-up by mainstream media . That is where the public opinion are rated .  With the elections just about less than 1 year from now, politicians are also looking at other options.

The organizers are planning a more regular channel like Metro Online Influencers Kapihan for social media writers and bloggers to meet  and have their voices heard .

Note : I would like to ” Thank” Mr. Paulo Angelo C. Florenda ” for the accommodation extended 


Pulse Asia:


Tupperware Gives an Interesting Tips on How to Keep Your Body Fit and Fab

Tupperware Philippines gives an interesting tips on how to keep your body fit and fab.

The main tip is to make it a habit to drink the right amount of water your body needs. We know that you can relate to how difficult it is to form habits, so we wrapped up three simple life hacks that can help keep your body beach-worthy!

1. Always keep a bottle of water with you.

The easier it is for you to do something, the easier it is to make it a habit. Writers on self-help, success, and discipline say making a task 20 seconds faster will make you more motivated to do the activity.

Recall how you got yourself to jog everyday. Did you put your shoes beside your bed so that when you wake up, you can easily suit up? Think of it as having that Facebook icon in your smartphone’s homepage. Doesn’t that give you easier access? Definitely!

Plus, looking for a convenience store to purchase a bottle every time you are thirsty is expensive and a hassle. It will also just contribute to plastic bottle waste. Wherever you go, always bring your handy bottle with you. And don’t forget to fill it with water before you leave home!

2. If water bores you, add flavor!

Oftentimes, we don’t give our best to create habits because we feel that the task at hand is too much of a bother. Spice it up by trying out something new. Toss in some cucumber slices or lemon with your everyday fix of water. This is an easy way to make drinking water fun and much healthier.

3. When you feel and believe you are hungry, drink water first.

Many of us seem to be hungry almost all the time and it is normal to feel it at an average of four hours after every meal. As Filipinos, we get hungry more often, especially with our merienda culture. The next time you feel hungry, tie up drinking water with that feeling. The next thing you’ll know, reaching for that bottle of water and drinking it all will be as effortless as breathing!

Moreover, thirst is often confused with hunger. True hunger will not be satisfied by drinking water. So, if it is just thirst, you save yourself from those unnecessary calories. Those who are on a diet will surely love this!

Go for a stylish, easy to hold, and durable water bottle such as Tupperware’s Eco Bottle. It comes in different sizes — from 1 liter that is equivalent to 4 glasses, down to 310 mL that can fit perfectly in your purse. The Eco Bottle is made of safe, non-toxic materials and is tested and proven safe for reuse. It has a tight screw-on cap that prevents leaks and has a tab for easy opening. It even has an ergonomic shape for an easy grip to make sure that your hand muscles won’t get too stressed from holding it. This bottle also comes in different bright colors to choose from that are perfect for summer fun and will match your unique personality!

Tuppweware ECO Bottles comes in different colors

Keeping yourself hydrated is vital in having that perfect figure and staying healthy. With Tupperware’s Eco Bottle, you not only maintain that picture-perfect body, you also help lessen plastic waste on Earth.

So start the habit of bringing along an Eco Bottle with you all the time! Try to visit your nearest Tupperware Dealer or Sales Representatives.

PHLPOST Issues President Corazon Aquino Second Series Floral Paintings with Scent Stamps

Boracay Room- Sofitel Luxury Hotel , Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex, Pasay City – Philippines

Ms. Ballsy Aquino-Cruz , Ms. Pinky Aquino -Abellada and Ms. Deedee Siytangco

The Philippine Postal Corporation in observance of former President Corazon ” Cory ” Aquino sixth death anniversary on August 1, A second series of special scented stamps which depicted her lifeworks on her favorite subject matter ” flowers ” was finally launched on July 29, 2015 at the Boracay Room of Hotel Sofitel in Pasay City.

There was a small gallery of stamps and first day covers from the past issuance of PHLPOST. There were 11 such stamps that depicted President Corazon Aquino from 1986 People Power stamps to the current scented paintings on stamps.

As her duties in Malacañang Palace ended in 1992 , a new journey for President Corazon Aquino was invited by a group of friends to join a painting class. She hesitated because , she said, she could not even draw. Ms. Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, the eldest child of Cory and the late senator Benigno Aquino Jr. prodded her mother to pursue painting.

painting featured in stamps

” I told her , Come on mom, they’ll make nice gifts’ . It’s not so much the painting but the one who painted it. A painting is also something that you can leave to your children ; it becomes a treasure . Because of my persistence , she finally gave in , ” Ballsy told SELYO ( official magazine of PHLPOST )  in an interview.

SELYO Magazine – July, August , September 2015 issue

A GIFT that MONEY Cannot BUY :

Cory would paint on different surfaces and materials including trays , flat stones , porcelain, canvas and even bags. Painting relaxed her, and it brought her closer to her family. Soon she became enamored with the craft , Cory started giving them away her paintings as gifts to family members, close friends, colleagues in politics and wedding godchildren.

MMDA Chairperson Mr. Francis Tolentino

We also saw Mr. Francis Tolentino during the lunch, he just stayed for a few minutes

According to Ms. Deedee Siytangco, They received their first and only painting by Cory in 1999 when her daughter Ms.Sandeee Marasigan , gave birth to daughter Amanda on January 24- which also was the birthday of Cory Aquino .

L-R Ms. Zyann Ambrosio ( ABS-CBN channel 2) , Ms. Sandra Aguinaldo -(GMA channel 7 ) and Ms. Ina Andolong ( CNN-Philippines)

The event is well covered by major television station and broad sheet like Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin and Philippine Daily Inquirer. I am quite lucky together with Ms. Jimmy Ang ( APO Philatelic Society ) to have the privilege to cover the event .

Ms. Rina Jimenez-David and Ms. Julie Yap -Daza

The former President stood as sponsor at the wedding of Sandee and husband Andrew . She gave them an oil on wood painting of flowers . Famous People like Mr. George Schultz , a former Secretary of State of US President Ronald Regan , remarried , Cory gave him a painting on wood . He send Cory A wonderful “thank you ” note.

Mrs. Teena Sarino and Mr. Jeffrey Consumo

Mr. Jeffrey Consumo is the art instructor for former President Corazon Aquino and her friends. While Mrs. Teena Sarino is one of Mrs. Cory Aquino friends and classmate in painting sessions.

Ms. Ms. Lilia de Lima, Ms. Teena Sarino, Mr. Aniceto “Chito” Sobrepeña , Mr. Ceasar Sarino with Ms. Deedee Siyangco  and Ms. Macaria Leonardo ( standing )

Mr. Aniceto “Chito” Sobrepeña, Metrobank Foundation president, former Cabinet Secretary, said: “Tita Cory played a pivotal role in the development of our country even after her presidential term. She served as Metrobank Foundation chairperson in our board of advisers from 1993 until the time of her demise.  The foundation had purchased Php 100,000 worth of stamps and First Day Covers.
 a short press conference and q and a portion was held Bulong Pulugan sa Sofitel 

Another prominent figure , Brunei royalty , invited Cory to visit even after her presidency . ” She brought him , ” Your Majesty , I know you can buy anything you want but I’m into painting now and I thought I’d give you something that’s not for sale.” She presented him with her painting. They were pleased , and it made mom happy” This was according to Ms. Ballsy Aquino -Cruz. recalled.

ceremonial autograph signing

Cory’s subjects revolved around faces, landscapes, rosaries and most notably flowers.Her favorite subject was flowers. People would say , Your mom really likes flowers ! Yes, she did but she always said she painted flowers because it was the only thing she could paint” ! Ms. Ballsy Aquino -Cruz recalled.

complete set of stamp souvenir, sheetlet and first day cover with cancellation marks

Five different paintings of ” Tita Cory” is included at the special block of 4 stamp and a souvenir sheet. About 400,000 copies in four design of the special scented stamps is printed using imported unwatermarked paper and floral scented ink.  PHLPOST has also printed 50,000 copies of the souvenir sheet at Php 120 each plus 12% VAT.

Here are the link to last year’s stamp launching :

President Corazon Aquino memorabila exhibit at Glorietta

Columbus Monument in New York Postcard

Columbus Circle Monument Postcard

Columbus Circle Monument  was dedicated to Christopher Columbus and was created by Italian sculptor Gaetano Russo.  The monument was erected as part of New York’s 1892 commemoration of the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ landing in the Americas. Constructed with funds raised by ll Progresso ,  a New York City-based Italian-language newspaper , the monument consists of a marble statue of Columbus atop a 70-foot (21 m)  granite rostral column granite  decorated with bronze reliefs representing Columbus’ ships: the Niña, the Pinta, and the Santa María. Its pedestal features an angel holding a globe.

The monument got some restoration works done in 2005.

This was given to me last year by Mr. Gene Tobias from the United States of America . He is a fellow postcard , orchid and plant enthusiast whom i met in an online facebook group.

He probably got them on an online auction site or some thrift shops in New York or New Jersey. The postcard was address to Miss Harriet M. Davis who lived in Boiceville , Ulster County in New York .

The postmark indicated that it was cancelled on November 9, 1904 and the letter was probably written in the morning same day – It was Wednesday. . The postcard sender might have written them using fountain pen . The stamp was a 1 cent Benjamin Franklin , the stamp was also used in some letters send to the Philippines as well as letters going out from the Philippines. The country is a US colony at that time and some stamps that were issued in the United States are also used in the country.

Looking at the handwriting and the strokes , the letter sender seems to be very passionate and caring. There is also a sense of some insecurities on the part of the letter sender.

In a short written note at the faceside -obverse of the post card .


Maud and I are coming down on the train to night, you meet us at the station. I have to go Shokan thursday to Exams . Lots to wee you.

Remember year ago this lines – How is J. A.

Note: I would like to ” Thank” Mr. Gene Tobias for this marvelous historical postcard with more than 110 years ! Maraming, Maraming Salamat !!!!!

Those who wish to send me postcards , here is my postal address:

Mr. Rence Chan

c/o Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ CLub

P.O. Box 2986 Manila Central Post Office , Liwasang Bonifacio, Ermita , 1000, Manila , Philippines

Website :

Baga Manila Scenic Sunset Grill at Lakefront in Sucat , Muntinlupa

Lakefront , Sucat , Muntinlupa City – Philippines

A stroll and a fun way to relax  the sunset grill is a way to bring the residents of Lakefront, their visitors, and the surrounding villages to enjoy the Vista community’s open spaces. I have went to this place several months ago and enjoyed the great view , however i did not brought any camera to capture the moment .

white tents at the center

The organizers ( BAGA Manila ) has placed several big white tents at the center together with white wooden dining tables and chairs.  The place also boasts of outdoor tables complete with cloth lanterns that festoon the place  . It is well-lighted had had established a walking path within the picnic area. There is also an ample parking space for those planning to bring their cars or vans.

a family find an ample space to eat

What better way is there to appreciate the great outdoors than to put up those tents, lay out the picnic tables, and heat up the grills.  The place is also friendly to pet dogs and cats. I have seen several pet owners taking their pet for an afternoon of stroll.

pork barbecue

It was organized by Barbecuers and Grillers Association ( BAGA) or BAGA Manila, the event attracts a lot of people from all walks of life. Among the top favorites are their barbecue, chicken intestines , betamax and isaw . They only cost between Php 25 to Php 35.00 which is much cheaper compared to the other food stalls in Metro Manila. There are 4 to 5 stalls which offered different arrays of home-style barbecue, Their only difference is the way they have marinated the pork ,  dipping condiments usually made from vinegar and how they grill them. One of the most popular is Donna’s Grill – Its pork barbecue is quite tender and marinated to perfection.

My Juice

My Juice stall specializes on a variety of juices like 4 season with real fruits bits , buko pandan, buko , black gulaman and  dalandan juice.

Nissan Philippines GT Academy top 20 finalist Mr. Juis Antonio Moreno and a friend

People can also borrow mats while enjoying the sunset and stroll the area.  BAGA Manila started out as a Food and Night Bazaar at A. Venue in Makati several years ago until they moved out to the current place .

Mr. Manfred Manalo – an online writer, enjoying the meal and Ms. Kay Almienda of BAGA Manila


wooden white tables and chairs

The tent dining ares can sit between 400 to 450 people at any given time plus small tables in which  customers can sit down , relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the place.

Thai Breakers

This is one of the stalls which specializes in food like Pad Thai . The owner/ chef studied Thai recipes and was trained in Thailand .

Brillants Desire

This stall specializes on ice tea and other juices

There must have at least 18 stall holders selling different kinds of meals, barbecue , drinks and mobile bar  . We have tasted Donna’s Grill and Sogah Grill barbecue while Liquid Mobile Bar is the only stall which have mobile drink that are available . Jasha’s Fruit Drink stand offers natural fruits such as  mangoes , avocados, cataloupe , orange ,watermelon, lychee, grapes, apples and banana as refreshing fruit shakes .There is also Hainanese chicken with rice toppings .

Jeph’s Jerks

Jeph’s Jerks which offered Jamaican inspired- sandwiches and burgers. Some of the best sellers are Jerk Burger at Php 135, Jerk ala Pobre at Php 145, Hot Jerk Wing at Php 135,  Jerk Chicken burger  at Php 135 , Jerk Pork burger at Php 105 and Piri-Piri Chicken at Php 155

Shawarma , Burger and Fried Talangka , Mongolian style noodles and grills, siomai ,rice and some sweet  desserts like cup cakes

Mongolian rice with beef and seafood cost Php125.00 set meal , Mongolian chicken and pork cost Php 100.00.

For those who wanted an eclectic mix and fusion of flavors, one must try eating at BAGA Manila Lakefront tents.

It is open from Thursday to Sunday from 4:00pm to past 2:00 am . There are bands , acoustic music every weekends which entertain the crowd .

Note: I would like to THANK Ms. Dawn Mawis and the rest of BAGA Manila for the entire day of relaxation.

Note: photos are taken by the author

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