New postcard designs from Papemelroti

Quezon City , Philippines

postcard, letter and ephemera collectors from around the world. There are 4 new postcard designs that one of the leading paper and craft store in the Philippines had printed.

Top: 373-23 Philippines- Jeepney ,373-19 Adobo recipe postcard, Lower Portion 373-26 Philippines-Parol and 373-29

The size of the postcard is 5.5 inch x 5.5 inch

My foreign friends and swap-mates are very happy on the postcard designs and I bought a dozen  adobo recipe postcard for swapping with my friends abroad. It is quite rare for a Filipino bookstore / gift shop to issue a recipe postcard. I hope that Papemelroti management can make other well-known Filipino recipes like Sinigang, Kilawin, La Paz Batchoy , Bistek Tagalog,  Sisig , Pinakbet .

This is not just to promote these dishes to local postcard collectors but also the international postcard collectors.

 We also liked the Parol on postcard design.

Stamp , postcard collector can send our Christmas greetings early with matching Christmas stamps issued by PHLPOST . BUT we have to wait until past November -before they will release those 2015 Pasko ( Christmas stamps)


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