National Bookstore Grand Warehouse Sale 2015

4th Floor , National Bookstore , Quezon Avenue- Quezon City- Philippines

National Bookstore – Quezon Avenue
Book lovers , postcard lovers and bargain hunters,   prices are pegged up to 90 percent off, with some titles sold as low as P10.
people busy searching for books
The warehouse sale, which runs until Aug. 18, offers a variety of selections, including best-selling novels, anthologies, biographies and memoirs, works by Filipino authors, comics, textbooks, academic readings, review materials, self-help books, school supplies , office supplies and even postcards are on SALE.
greeting cards
I bought some greeting cards – They come in handy especially when Christmas season is just few months from now.
Postcards are used to be priced between Php 5.00 per pack to Php 10 per pack during the last warehouse sale, NOW they are being sold at Php 20 per 2 packs or Php 10 each. There are postcards being sold at Php 25 per pack ( single design) But they are quite limited in terms of landmarks and scenery. Since the last warehouse sale, The postcards seems to have a dramatic increase in their prices .
Loom bands being sold for just Php 30 per pack, It used to be retailed at Php 170.00 per pack .
bargain books
controversial Mr. Donald Trump book on sale !
Here are Few Tips  :
1.Try to come as early as possible , It will give more leg time in choosing books , school supplies and other bargain stuffs.
2. Try to bring re-usable bag or eco-bags and hand sanitizer
3. Try to have a companion/ friend and bring candies or biscuits . Since the long lines can take  at least 1 hour just queuing going to the 4th floor and again in paying the cashier. Having a companion to look for the things , maybe chatting and meeting new friend will probably help. I met 2 UST architecture students whom i have a fine time chatting and looking for each others stuffs while falling -in line.
4. Try wear comfortable clothes as the entire floor is stuffy and packed with people looking for bargains and other stuffs, it is also possible to bring face mask , as it also tends to be dirty/ dusty  inside the warehouse.
5 . Bring as little as possible, preferably a small bag instead of a bulky knapsack, as book and bargain hunter aficionados are bound to buy several copies with the low price of both paperbacks and hardcovers.
6. Bulk buyers – NBS sales personnel distribute boxes for customers to place their finds, but it is better to prepare your own shopping bags for convenience in navigating the corridors.
7. Try to bring extra money and credit card as there are a lot of unforeseen items at the warehouse sale , it is also good for early Christmas shopping , I have seen Christmas decoration, Christmas wrappers and nice gift ideas like office organizers.  I have also met a couple of relatives while i was on my way out of the department store.
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