Pacific Plans Planholders Meet

Banawe, Quezon City-Philippines

Several hundreds of Pacific Plan Inc. plan holders had an impromptu meeting after the rehabilitation court ordered that the remaining trust funds being held by APEC were to be distributed to the planholders.

Unfortunately,  majority of the policy holders present during the meeting felt that the distribution plan of the company were far below what they have expected. Below than the initial plan value that they have invested.

certificate of full payment

One of the best example is my pension plan with Certificate of Full Payment number 10208011 issued on November 17, 2005 . The plan value cost (  Php 36,800 )  with maturity value of Php 100,000 which will be on September 4, 2016 . We also got 2 or 3 plans from the same company under other siblings name.

 letter from APEC Plan

  Got the shock of my life when the letter from APEC Plan with plan number 63066184 that I can only get Php 1,414.00 entitlement (Office Of the Rehabilitation Receiver ) . The letter was received last October 19,2015 in our former Sampaloc residence .

It took at least 1 month before i was able to get the letter . It also printed that October 26, 2015 for the appointed schedule. Fortunately ,a good samaritan (  neighbor Ms. G) tried to contact and notified me about the letter.  I was only able to get the letter first week of December .This is not my first time to get different pension plans from a Pre-Need Insurance company .  Got 2 other pension plans before under different companies which unfortunately closed down due to mismanagement.

writing this to share my personal experiences and to make other people aware that hard earned money must be properly invested from a trusted company.

I started to made a few bucks during college by being a part- time sales counselor and direct marketing agent to augment my allowance to personally finance my studies.  Although -I got a full scholarship for a couple of semester . It does not cover the food, transportation and other personal needs.

a plan holder being interviewed by ABS-CBN channel 2

 Meet several plan holders who have invested more money , time and hard times just to  fulfill their obligation .  Having 20,000 to 30,000 policy holders is not a joke. Combining their money would ran into several hundred of millions or even billions of pesos of lost economic opportunity.

Now, most of them are mentally, emotionally and financially drain with what had happened. This will definitely have a big impact on the Pre-Need Insurance and Life Insurance companies,  especially the ones that are locally incorporated.  insurance commission, securities and exchange commission and the national government should start their regulation and tight management of whatever TRUST FUNDS that these companies have .

There are several groups which have sprung-up over the past decade like   PEP  Coalition  “Parents Enabling Parents,” a group of parents empowering other parents to stand up for their rights and demand what is legally and morally due them Victims of Pacific Plans etc…. There are also some closed Facebook Page site where victims shared their sad stories .

Fortunately, there are also some television stations like ABS-CBN channel 2, TV channel 5 and GMA channel 7 had choose to air the sentiments of the plan holders.

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31 thoughts on “Pacific Plans Planholders Meet”

    1. Hi, Been out for a while . I am also a claimant too of Pacific Plan aka Lifetime Plan aka APEC Plan ( Pension Plan). I got a letter from the main office ( APEC Plan) about the insolvency and reimbursement package. Sadly, the value that they are offering is not what i am expecting . If the company is still around, i would have gotten Php100,000 maturity value on my pension plan this year. I did not bother to go to their office, since the settlement value is just barely Php 1,500 which will require me to take leave and file my claim with the company ( will be spending more on time , transportation, food and claiming ) . My sibling also have another plan which will mature in 5 years time with Php100,000 maturity value too . So technically, We did not claim anything and did not settle for the measly sum that they are offering . My question to you is that , Did you got your settlement or not?

      Since if you got your settlement and signed a waiver with the APEC plan lawyers , then you already have waived all your rights to your future claim/ or claims if there are still money or resources that will be available .

      It is quite a learning experience for us , to be wary of our hard earn money and choosing the right company to invest our pension plans. My only consuelo de bobo is that , i did not put all my hard earned money in one basket . Although sayang pera din iyon.

  1. emi hir im also a victim of pacific .d plan matured dis jsn.5 me po o ano po ggawin ko to claim my me po.tnx

  2. Is there any group pursuing legal action? Pls share contact persons’s email or contact no. I am a victim too. My daughters education policy worth P1.3 mil . APEC offered a settlement of P98k only.

    I am living in Kuala Lumpur. Appreciate anyone can help.


    1. Hello and Good Day. If you settled with APEC Plan court appointed rehabilitation officers, then you have already forfeited any future claims. They have a quick waiver form.

      There is an informal FB page Pacific Planholder Complain Group which is a closed site with 712 plus members – You can reach Ms. Gloria Ong Saclot (mobile no. 09173384287 ) one of the administrator of the site for additional information .

      1. Thank you very much for taking time to reply. Yes, will contact her. Of course, we will never agree with that kind of offer.

        Again, thank you. You are the first person to respond to my querries.

  3. Hi there,
    Suggestion please. My father passed away last july 2015 & i found thru one of his documents that he had a Life Insurance full payment cetificate from PACIFIC PLANS INC.
    Davao branch is not exist anymore…. 😞😞😞😞

  4. Hi,
    I also doubt if APEC could ever administer to lead along a channel to fulfill the interest of PPI plan holders.To me they are just the same crew out there unleashed by YGC to scare plan holders for a cheap settlement. How can an unknown men knocked at my door offering 50k to buy back for a fully paid plan certificate worth 600k for a reason of us to make something rather than losing completely at all as what they assert to claim. How did these people gained knowledge about the existence of my plan and my personal address without having an access to APEC personnel as their cohort to take advantage of the situation? Of course I shunned the offer same as many else will surely do.

    But then another hearty offer came along again through a letter sent to us this time by APEC itself about a 200K maximum loan granted to us being a plan holder. Although it deviated the chartered course I am waging for what I expected my plan to be after maturing, I began to wonder what this sudden overture is all about, a bait or otherwise. But due to unforeseen economic necessity in that particular time, I can not stay to wait what CARR implementation can make anymore. I close my eyes to make difficult decision to bite the offer. It was a one year term loan and it is renewable anyway, I console myself.

    Then comes a week before the one year term matures, I visited their office to renew the loan for an extension as what, at the outset, promised to me by them. As I did not have qualms about, the tune has change as APEC requires me to pay the whole 200k first before any term of extension could take effect. What? I do not have the money that is why I apply for an extension! Understand? Oh my God where do I will source this money? Dear readers beware of these Modus Operandi APEC have! They trick you to a loan as way to bait you and when you can not make to pay for it on appointed time, ” say goodbye to you my trusted friend”. You are done with your plan. Anyway, kudos to my Samaritan friends who help me find way to raise the 200K at short notice to bet the maturity deadline if not APEC had long forfeited all my plan for a small value. I have all my plan certificates back in my possession now and I decline anymore to extend and risked to their hidden scheme.

    For me hardship is looming around about my kids future. I am an OFW and invested an educational plans to ensure my two kids future. One plan was applied way before my first child was born in 1998 and another plan two years later after my second child came. They have both 300K and 285K plans and were fully paid on 2004 and 2005 respectively and matured 2014 and 2015 the year they are supposed to go college. But clueless from what I expect, my kids can not use it because of this mess. Now I continueto shoulder their school expenses and of course not endowed from the plan. I was married late and I am now 59 yo and find hard anymore to get back to my old job abroad because of my age and also because of some medical problems normally appearing as age advanced. PPI shattered all the dreams of my children. They are the real culprit and ought to be admonished

    I hope change is truly coming soon with the new set of government. I trust very much of our incoming President Rodrigo Duterte. I know he can do it. I will not stop hoping until they will find a way to finally answer the clamor of so many many other good people broke and enmeshed into this controversy originally created by PPI. We are not investing stocks. We can not accept market movements as scapegoat to their claim of trust fund downfall.

    1. Yes, hope our in-coming President can help us, victims of this daylight robbbery. Pls visit and join the fb Rence Chan mentioned above. You will learn lots of info from there.

  5. Good day po! Where is the APEC office located where we can claim/file pension plan and educational plan? No one is answering in their landline and mobile numbers.

    Thank you.

  6. I am Wilfredo Mon, also a Pension Plan holder, my plan will mature in September 2017. I don’t know, where and what to do to get my claim.

  7. Hi this is Mrs. Alberto. How can i claim my pacific aka lifetime memorial plans for me and my husband and even my mother in law? What’s your telephone number and address?

  8. Good afternoon po.
    My father was a plan holder and his insurance matured last August. Your help and advise on where to go and who to contact would be greatly appreciated.
    We are from Compostela, Cebu and if there’s a need for us to travel to Manila for my father’s claims, without hesitation we will fly and go to Manila for it but the problem is we do not know where to go and what number to contact. Please help us. Thank you so much and God bless you!

  9. Can you please help us for our claim also. My mother in law passed away this morning ang we cannot cotact Pan Pacific Inc. Any person who we can contact today…..please help us. Thanks. – Mrs Malayan 09228997294

  10. Good day to all,

    First the author is not connected with APEC, Lifetime Plan or Pacific Plan. Got a personal pension plan -maturity value of Php 100,000 about 15 years ago .

    Second, If you cannot contact the regional offices or main office of APEC Plan , Better try to contact Ms. Gloria Ong Saclot . Her contact information is already posted above. ( If you are interested in joining the cause ) Although there is no assurance of getting your full amount .

    I will not post any details for security and safety reasons.

    Third – the author is also a victim , I already posted my personal story and dismay over the lack of assurance from SEC and Insurance Commission to guard our hard earn money . Plus APEC Plan .

  11. Good day po, I am a planholder of Pacific Pension Plan, need help although 2018 of March pa sya mag mature, want to know Kung anong preparation gagawin ko since wala po ako sa Pilipinas. I don’t know what to do to get my claim. Please help. Salamat

    1. Hello po, The author is also a claimant and a policy holder. Do you have any relatives who are authorized to transact business with APEC plans???

      1. Meron akong cousin sa Cavite pa at wala ring time busy palagi. Di ko alam kung ano gagawin ko sayang ang pera at panahon ko, kung Saka sakali. Nangarap tayo tapos mapunta lang sa wala, masakit at nakakgigil. Sana masolusyunan ang problema natin. God bless us.

        On Mon, 14 Nov 2016 at 11:23, Collector’s Connection wrote:

        > rence chan commented: “Hello po, The author is also a claimant and a > policy holder. Do you have any relatives who are authorized to transact > business with APEC plans???” >

  12. Hi pwede po ba makahingi ng kahit na anung number na pwedeng tawagan sa APEC plans? I’m also a plan holder at nagbabakasakali po akong maka claim pa perang hinulog ko sa APEC. Thank you po sa site na ito. God bless everyone.

  13. Manolo Quezon – CEO OF APEC 09228749330
    Emily Raymundo – head client services 09328749658….. Biktima din po ako, and the worst part is I lost 1.6M..nag mature last Nov. 2016 worth 6M… they only offer 90k …. That’s BULLSHIT… We work hard everyday para mka pag ipon Ng pera and now…ito Yong end point Ng mga pisting nag manage… Nga GAGOOOO Kayu…and for sure MA KARMA DIN KAU.. AT MA IPASA SA MGA ANAK MO AT SA APO MO….

  14. saan at sino po ba ang pwedi nating mahingian nang tulong tungkol po dito. meron din po akong high school at college plan sa kanila, i pay 56,000pesos a year for 5years total of 280,000pesos at isa din po akong OFW ditto sa Cayman island B.W.I. and high school plan po ay due na 4 years ago at wala kaming natanggap,ang college naman ngayong june 2017 paano, saan at sino ang pwedi makatulong sa atin, salamat po!!

  15. Huuuuuuh… Wala na akong update sa APEC,, WE HAVE 3 preneed plans..2 hve marured alredy but not all benifits given.. 1 is maturing next year…

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