Mega Job and Business Fair 2016

A 2-Day event which aims to provide an opportunity for applicants and other businessmen to be exposed in the industry. The event is divided into two zones: Business Fair and Job Fair. Business Fair comprised of SME’s, Banks, Insurance and other companies which will offer their products and services. On the other hand, Job Fair cover companies which will do manpower sourcing.


Primarily,  this event  targets thousands of visitors which includes the Rotary members, SME, Businessmen, Entrepreneurs, Job Hunters, Mall goers, and University Alumni. This event is supported by Rotary International District 3830 , comprised of 90 Rotary Clubs from Makati, Las Piῆas, Muntinlupa, Paranaque, Pateros, Taguig, and Palawan with around 3,000 members.

For participation call tel. no. 643-3887

Account Executive : Ms. Karissa Padua -Marketing Services Associate

 Or Please call (02)633-0153 loc. 103 , Mobile 0917-8045415 Fax: (02) 234-1341 / 234-1342





Striptop Outlet Sale from January 29 to February 5, 2016


Striptop Outlet Store will stage the 4th edition of the much-awaited “The Great Brands Sale” for HUSH PUPPIES, CUSHE and SEBAGO footwear on January 29 to February 05, 2016 at the State Center Investment Building, along Juan Luna St., just across the Basilica Minore de Lorenzo Ruiz and Plaza Binondo .

Shoppers will enjoy sizzling price cuts by up to 70% discount, on selected Hush Puppies, Cushe and Sebago shoes. There are also several dozens of well-known brands and local companies that will also participate in this annual sale.

vicinity map

As usual, admission is free and all major credit cards are accepted.  This event is organized by Striptop Outlet Store in partnership with Shoemakers Corporation.

For More information about the upcoming BIG SALE

Mr.Emer Dela Cruz
Marketing Manager
MCT Events Management
Mobile: 0922.831.2601 / 0917.538.7507 / 0920.953.7153
Mobile Landline: (02) 399.2935

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Miss Universe 2015 visit Malacañang

Manila, Philippines


Miss Universe 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach paid a courtesy call at the Malacañang Palace on Tuesday mid morning around past 10:00am (January 26).

Miss Universe 2015 together with President Benigno Aquino III

Photo courtesy of RTVM

Ms. Wurtzbach who was dressed in a Albert Andrada pink and white terno, was accompanied by her mother Mrs. Cheryl Alonzo Tyndall, Binbining Pilipinas Charities Inc. Chairperson Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta, and Miss Universe President Paula Shugart.

President Benigno Aquino III during her visit shook her hand, congratulated her on her Miss Universe win, then proceeded to a closed-door meeting for about an hour.

Lakad Pamana of Bustos, Bulacan ( Part 4)

Bustos , Bulacan province – Philippines


The group then toured some of the most historical and oldest still existing houses in Bustos .

facade of the house ( Avelina Perez Ancestral House )

This house is a favorite shooting place among local films and television. Among the films that were shot at the house were Ibulong Mo sa Hangin ( Whispher to the Wind ) by Gerardo de Leon in 1966 .  Nasaan ka Maruja  1978 , Agua Bendita ( Television series Feb. 2010 to September 2010  ), Villa Quintana (November 2013 to June 2014 series) , Ang Biyahe ni Drew and I Juander QTV channel 11 .

living room

Aside from the films and television series , There are some instances that pre-nuptial photo sessions are also held at the sprawling garden.


plateria cabinet

Plateria is a furniture cabinet which is popular among jewelry / silversmith maker and rich families . Some of the compartments are used for storing materials that are used for making jewelry  . They are made using the best hardwood tree species and are ornately carved.

minasa wooden mold with 1874 date

What makes this furniture cabinet so special to the family is that this was one of the only 2 plateria that the Rizal family owns . And one of them is given to the family . They say that it might date backs to the late 19th century .

Sometimes, heritage and travelers would also tour the place upon coordination with the owners or tourism office.

Parts of the house was renovated , thus the facade of this ancestral house does not look old .

family tree ( courtesy of the family  )

According to the current owner of the house, They are distantly related to Reyes clan ( Nicanor Reyes Sr. of Far Eastern University  – who’s family hails from neighboring town of Baliwag ) They are also distantly related to Rizal’s -Lopez family clan, Mercado family and some prominent families in Baliwag and Bustos.

tables and chairs

There is also a book that was printed several years ago commissioned by one of the family member and written by Ms. Lourdes L. Mercado  .


 group photo together with Ms. Avelina Baby- Perez

We finally bid farewell to the owner of the house and the group went to the adjacent Perez Ancestral house – They owners of these houses are relatives .

 Perez House as viewed along the highway

The Perez Ancestral House was built around 1858, It is considered as one of the most important ancestral house both architecturally and historically .

stone carvings

The house had intricate stone hand-made carvings located at the sides of the house. Historians and architects are puzzled with the intricate stones carvings with two double headed eagle like creature with crown.

Habsburg -Lorraine royal seal -courtesy of  Wikipedia

This is like HabsburgLorraine ( Austrian- Hungarian ) or Augustinian in origin.

There are several theories:

1.) The family might have a royal lineage from Europe , hence they were able to have the stone carvings at their house.

2.) The family origins might be of Mexican royalty or nobles and was incorporated to the house design.

3.) Agustinian order – There are high priests and bishops who might once lived at their house.

4.) Royal merit from Spanish government for their family meritorious act or services .

Website link:

intricate stone carvings

 Jesus Christ

fray luna

Fray Luna is also called Versoza chairs which is popular during the late Spanish colonial furniture.

living room area

The living rooms of both houses looks quite similar except that this house got more crochet works and more simple.

 Cafe Apolonio

The house and compound is a good example of re-adaptive reuse by the present owner.

Dendrobium anosmum aka sanggumay

There are pocket garden and native orchids like  Dendrobium anosmum ( sanggumays ) were mounted on living trees. It seems that this is the most popular orchid species being grown by the people in this town.

They opened a cafe and restaurant located at the ground floor of the ancestral house with a garden area good for 50 to 60 people . Inside , The restaurant cafe area can host of around 20 to 30 people at any given day .

There is a patio area which can accommodate 4 to 6 people.

Ms. Ofelia Perez- Genabe together with some participants of the tour

We were met by the owner by Ms. Ofelia Perez-Genabe and  she showed us the living room and parts of the colonial house. The old ancestral house was built around 1858.

Business Hours:

M-TH: 11:00am to 10:00pm, F-S : 11:00am to 12mn

Mercado House

Mercado House is another ancestral house which is located near the Perez Ancestral  Ancestral Houses . This was built around mid- 19th century and is another sample of a house with Baroque-style carved stone corner pilasters, carved stone garland and crucifix motifs in the entrance, chrysanthemum designs, decorative reliefs, molave planks with narra sidings, capiz windows, moveable panels, graceful grilles.and baroque style.

Mercado House ( closer view of the stone carvings and pillars) 

Unfortunately, it was sold to an unnamed doctor just a few years ago and the new owners which are private people  is not keen to open the house to heritage tours from outsiders.  Based from the personal stories from the adjacent houses. The former owner is also a distant relative of the Perez. ( Conrado Mercado ).

Some of the group took photos of the exterior of the house from the street.

Bustos Dam :

Brief History : Built in 1926, 50 kilometers upstream from the Bustos Dam as a fixed type river weir without gates, the AARD, Angat Afterbay Regulator Dam (commonly known as Bustos Dam) is the longest rubber dam in Asia at 79 meters and the second largest in the world.

Bustos Dam

The present dam was rehabilitated by Kurimoto, LTD., Osaka, Japan , manufacturing date, as of May, 1997.

It has Washed Out, Intake, Sluice and Roller Gates sets. Its clear spans are 4.6% 1.53 meters. Its gate (opening) heights are 4.5 and 1.0 meters. The weights of the leaves are 5.4 and 1.0 tons. The operating speed is 0.3 m./ min.

Mr. Conrado Garcia Mercado statue

He is known as “Mr. Irrigation” or Mr. NIA . He was the first National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Assistant Administrator; Original owner of the Mercado Ancestral House in Brgy. Bonga Menor; the government created a statue for him to serve as a memorabilia for him and his contributions. The statue is located within the  park near the entrance.

commemorative marker

 The Japan International Cooperation Agency in 2001 , (JICA) has approved a P500-million grant-in aid to the government for the repair and improvement of the Angat Afterbay Regulatory Dam (AARD) in Bustos, Bulacan, the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) .

closer view

six-span dam’s main features are easily deflatable and inflatable rubber body.

intake gate with irrigation canal

a boat made from cement

mermaid riding a large fish

The park and the vicinity area is a favorite shooting place for films and television shows .

picnic area

We were given a snack which consists of puto bumbong , suman and avocado tea made from the fruit .

dog sleeping in one of the picnic table

There is a small entrance fees of Php 5.00 for tricycle , Php 10 for jeep , Php 20 for car , Php 50 vans and Php 100 truck.

group photo

My only concern is that the place had a lot of graffiti and some areas  needed some rehabilitation . The authorities must try to reforest the surrounding areas with native trees to improve the water holding capacity of the place.

Cunanan Ancestral House

Cunanan Ancestral House had some similarities in terms of stone carvings with the Mercado House , although the house looks like there were some expansion done maybe during the early or mid 20th century  .

The house looks smaller compared to the Mercado house . The house had capiz windows and adobe stone walls hand carving in floral details .

details of the stone crucifix  carving

We manage to take some photos of the exterior parts and adobe walls and its details . Unfortunately , The current owner of the house ( around 92 years-old might not be around ) .

carved stone corner pilasters

A visit to these ancestral houses must be properly coordinated with the local tourism office set several days or even weeks in advance.

Special Mention to Mr. Edwin Del Rosario of Bustos Tourism office , Office of the Mayor and Sir Gilbert . Maraming Salamat Po !

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Lakad Pamana of Bustos, Bulacan ( Part 3)

Bustos, Bulacan province


Lopez Ancestral house

The group went to the nearby Lopez Ancestral House and took some time to take photos of the house.

ancestral photos


Calado is made from wood exterior or metal although a lot of the lace exterior ceilings. The pierced wooden fretwork openings (calado) along the top of doors or openings. This also serves as both artistic work of art , divider which allows air to pass through the ceilings and walls of the house.

sala set  

The main sala set was done in hardwoods done in an art deco era . They are made in a style which is called Ambassador style sala set with some floral motifs and  rattan seat woven frames

bedroom with four poster bed and ceramic white urinal

The Ivatan Vernacular Houses

Bahay at Yaman ni San Martin de Porres, Inc. (Saint Martin) is committed to improve lives of disadvantaged children (e.g. street children, foundlings, abandoned children, children victims of domestic abuse, victims of child labor) through the various programs being implemented, both in the residential care center and in the community-based programs.

We were greeted by the children, nuns and priests which gave a short briefing about the foundation, their mission and vision. Then our group while eating Filipino kamayan -style boodle fight .

tour participants enjoyed the simple but very hearty organic lunch

Our group were entertained by the children of the foundation 

The group was first established in Santa Cruz , Manila which eventually flourish and was established around 2003 in Bustos with the help of generous patrons and benefactors.

one of the larger villas which can be rented out for events and retreats

According to our companion, The project of building the community started on a slow phase since the group only depended on donations from their benefactors and from people within the community.

dormitory-style house

Eventually, the dormitory -style houses where completed and more local and international donors came.

barbershop ( barberia)

Here is also a gift shop, green houses for vegetables, retreat houses , small pond for tilapia cultivation , school , barber shop, chapel and areas are planted with vegetables and ornamental plants.

Tiendesitas -Souvenir shop made by the children of the center

Currently, the Bahay houses about 150 abandoned street children , or children which their families could not afford to feed.


The macaroon being sold at the souvenir shop also helps the children augment their everyday allowance . They are being sold for Php 60.00 per pack

ivatan style house

The children are taught on how to do household chores , given shelter, bake cookies and macaroons , make rosaries and given education.

Capilia de San Martin de Porres

We also toured the large chapel which was made from adobe stones, bricks , old wooden doors and recycled woods.  One must remove their shoes upon entering the shrine as this is one of the places where one can pray and ask for plenary indulgence.

dedication plaque

interior of the chapel

The construction started around 2007 was finished in 2009 before it was finally completed .

group photo of the participants

The group did a souvenir shot taken at the Saint Martin of Porres chapel before we embarked another journey .

Note : Those people with a good heart or want to help this noteworthy advocates set by the foundation, Please try to visit their website link or email them for pledges , contributions whether in cash or in kind. 



Gen. Alejo Santos Highway, Claro Santos Street, Bonga Menor, Bustos,3007 Bulacan
Landline :(044) 367 0272
(+632) 6974588 (Bustos)
(+632) 7107033 (Bustos)
(+632) 5211938 (Tondo)

+63917 5174492

Centro Salvador
18 Maginoo St.Brgy. 105 Zone 8 District 1, Tondo, Manila

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