Enjoying Breakfast Buffet Meal at LaiLai Hotel

LaiLai Hotel, Sabino Padilla corner Ongpin street, Binondo , Manila -Philippines

LaiLai Hotel entrance

We decided to meet at the Lai Lai Hotel and try their breakfast buffet meal within Binondo district in Manila. The hotel had been offering  buffet meals for the past one year to their guests and walk -in clients .

buffet area

The hotel is well-known within Binondo district for several decades and it is favorite place among Chinese, Koreans and Japanese tourists.

Buffet area can accommodate up to 80 people at any given time, Since it was sunday – Most of the clients ate there at around past 8:00am.

Buffet meal cost Php 148 per person and according to the staff of the hotel, they change some of the meal viands everyday .

buffet table with hotel staffs

The price is pretty okey , One can choose from about a dozen viands which includes misua soup , congee , garlic fried rice, salted vegetable ( kiam chay ) , tocino , steam fish in light soy sauce with chilies , deboned fried milkfish ( bangus) , scrambled  and fried egg, tasty bread, steamed tofu in light soy based soup, stir fry bitter gourd with egg (sir fry ampalaya ) and bottomless powdered grape or orange juice , brewed coffee or ordinary filtered water.

The hotel also have buffet lunch and buffet evening supper at Php 299 and Php 399 respectively .

Note: Please refer to the buffet meal guidelines of the hotel and no sharing of foods , no leftovers and not applicable to other promos and senior citizen discounts.

Website: http://www.chinatownlailai.com/





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