42nd Philippine Bonsai Society Show

The Philippine Bonsai Society Incorporated in partnership with Market! Market ! and Ayala Land Corporation presents to the gardening public and enthusiasts the 42nd annual bonsai show.

The show will be held from March 17 to 20, 2016 at Market Market within Bonifacio Global City ( BGC ) . There will also be a commercial section for those who wanted to buy bonsai materials .


Walking Tour at the 70th Annual Orchid and Garden Show

Flower Garden ( Hardin ng mga Bulaklak) , Quezon Memorial Circle- Quezon City , Philippines

Pioneer Epoxy 

Pioneer Epoxy is one of the companies that is a partner of the show . This is a wise move on their part, There are people looking for their products whether in their homes or gardens.

  Website : http://www.repchem.com/

It was past 7:00am when i arrived at the meeting / assembly area . After a waiting for at least half an hour . I saw Philip Reyes and a couple of participants joining the walking tour . The group was composed of an interesting mix of people with different background . Mostly bloggers, online writers , photographers and backyard hobbyists .

group of painters

We decided to organized a tour last month when the Philippine Orchid Society had formally announced the date of the show.

participants at the entrance

 We also met fellow blogger Mr. Stan dela Cruz of http://philippinewide.blogspot.com . He was quietly taking photos of the orchids and we had a short but meaningful chit chat .

Allied Botanical Corporation

There was also a group of people  ( a family ) with blue colored shirt from a well-known elite university who seem do not know the proper etiquette while visiting a plant show site. The middle- aged lady began picking the petals of the sunflower , thinking it was nice or artificial.  We then approach the Allied Botanical Corporation booth . The group  quickly fade away as if they had done nothing wrong .

  Boogie’s Koi Garden

Mokaras and Kagawaras mounted on driftwood

These Mokaras and Kagawaras are displayed at the First Bloom Orchids – They have a farm in Laguna and had a corporate office and stall at Sgt. Bumatay in Mandaluyong.

Contact : Ms. Tess L. Batac (0918-5547635)

Winners of Freestyle Flower Arrangement

Flower Garden ( Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ) Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City -Philippines

Flower arrangement with the focus on orchid flower is part of the 70th annual orchid and garden show. There are over a dozen entries which competed in freestyle flower arrangements.

Botchie Canicula – Third Place

Rene Sumalinog- Third Place

Ana Ruth Conde- Third Place

Ms. Ana Ruth Purificacion – Conde used dancing lady orchid flowers and ferns

Micheal Andres- Second Place

Micheal Andres several materials such as ripe corn , abaca yarn, succulents , peperomia and Cattleya flower . He won last year’s mid-year orchid and garden show freestyle flower arrangement .

Ms. Miles Hilario – First Place

Ms. Miles Hilario is a seasoned flower arrangement artist . She is also a member  of the Floral Designer’s Circle of the Philippines

Ms. Dhory S. Alvendia flower arrangement

This is another noteworthy flower arrangement exhibit using Japanese theme . The artists used an orange colored cattleya hybrid flower and an Ascocentrum aurantiacum subspecies philippinense.

flower arrangement

The trend now a days is to use live flowering orchids and plants as floral arrangement . This will lasts until the last day of the show.

Sansevieria cylindrica ” Boncel” Winner of Best Ornamental Plant

Flower Garden ( Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ) Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City -Philippines

Sansevieria cylindrica ” Boncel”

At the the ongoing 70th annual orchid and garden show, there are several ornamental plants which won awards.

The plant is owned and exhibited by Architect Bimbo Vergara.


Clerodendrum quadriloculare variegated leaves or locally called Bagawak  are in  blooming season . These flowering plants blooms during this time of the year after a short dry and cooler weather . This time , these new cultivar varieties are much smaller and with variegated leaves

Big Winners of the 70th Annual Orchid and Garden Show


Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( Flower Garden ) Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City -Philippines

The winners of the 70th annual orchid and garden show was announced . The landscape competition was divided into 2 categories : Orchid and Ornamental Plants

Here are the set of Winners ( Ornamental )

Architect Bimbo Vergara- Third Place

Architect Bimbo Vergara landscape is an eclectic mixture of cactus , bromeliads ,succulents and old materials such as wood from window panels and cement stones.

Allied Botanical Corporation – Second Place

Allied Botanical Corporation landscape exhibit booth combines different flowering annuals flowering plants like zinnias, sunflowers and petunias . Aside from flowering plants , the company is into vegetables and seeds production and had a demonstration farm in Pangasinan.

There is also a flowering bougainvillea that won first prize.

Address: No. 15, 21st Avenue, Brgy. Tagumpay,Cubao 1109, Quezon City Philippines Email: sales@alliedbotanical.com. Tel. Nos.: +63-2- 911-0836, 63-2-437-6606 to 08
Cell. Nos.: 0917-812-0264; 0922-815-0031; 0922-815-0056
Fax No: +63-2- 911-0159

Website: http://www.alliedbotanical.com/

Mr. Susan and Manuel Lee’s  bonsai garden- First Place

Mr. and Mrs. Susan Lee’s landscape exhibit showcases different bonsai , tillandsias and succulents. The important plants are placed in a stone pedestal made from adobe . The exhibit was done by Mr. Kelvin Niel Manubay .

Ms. Baby Alarcon

Ms. Baby Alarcon exhibit booth uses a lot of bromeliads , ferns and cyad

Ms. Alily Galo

Ms. Alily Galo used several common plants , rare plants like cycad and a small pond  which incorporates water features . Water plants like Kiyapo ( Quiapo ) and water lilies are part of the pond feature. The landscape feature is ideal for small gardens and atrium . She had a plant stall within Quezon Memorial Circle . She is active is selling plants, ornamental plants and even landscaping.

 LYHFRA GARDEN stall#4 quezon city circle 09228457864

Mr. Rene Sumalinog

Mr. Rene Sumalinog used Oncidium orchid hybrids , yellow-flowering Cymbidium orchid hybrids a top a cement vase with bromeliads and variegated ornamental plants. There are also clay jars , white pebbles and square white stone as added landscape accents. He had a stall located within Quezon City Memorial Circle – Milas Garden (0919-9788068)

Ms. Delia Pionela

Del’s Garden incorporated several bromeliads, alcantarea imperialis , neoregelias  , palms and flowering variegated bagawaks ( Clerodendrum quadriloculare ) finishing them with crushed coral stones , cement balls and artificial stones.

Mr. Lino Rom Cacti Collection

Mr. Lino Rom is exhibiting his collection of rare cacti  and succulent collection. The one-man exhibit is similar to the table judging in other countries where orchid and plants are presented in beautiful vases and containers .  Plant societies are slowly adapting the table style presentation.

Ms. Vangie Go

Another magnificent landscape works by Ms. Vangie Go using her own collections of tillandsia, bromeliads

Note : I will be posting more winners of the 70th annual orchid and garden show. Until my next update !

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