Exciting Dining Escapades at Seafood Island Restaurant In Makati

2nd Floor Circuit Lane, Circuit , Hippodromo St.,Brgy. Olympia, Makati City -Philippines

The Restaurant is operated by Red Crab and it had several branches in Metro Manila and provinces . The Circuit branch had a indoor sitting capacity of about 80 people and an outdoor patio area that can sit about 100 .

pinoy nachos

This is good for appetizer or before starting any meals. It had it own mayonnaise dip Php 165

pancit  espesyal with lechon kawali

Another Best Seller and Must Try is the pancit ( noodles ) with fried pork or lechon .  Php 275

boneless bangus topped with fried garlic

Garlic Smothered Jambangus – This boneless bangus ( milkfish ) is larger than what is typically is served in most restaurants.

Php 275

Tali Beach Buffet Meal

Tali Buffet Meal package consisted of marinated pork barbecue ( inasal )  strung on a stick , grilled chicken ,  fried fish , grilled eggplant, grilled tomatoes, steamed crabs and shrimps , lumpiang shanghai , tahong ( mussles )  , fresh sliced mangoes ,  fresh sliced watermelons along with ice tea and condiments.

Buffet meal is good for ( 3 to 4 people) ( 5 to 6 people) and ( 7 to 8 people) with price ranging from Php 995 to Php 1,385

Mount Apo Buffet

There are several thematic buffet meals featuring different regional cuisine from the country . Price may vary depending on the package – Price range is from Php 900 to Php 1,650 ideal for sharing .

Mout Apo Buffet – They are presented with buko binakol dish using fresh buko juice ( coconut water ) spices and chicken , grilled liempo, steamed shrimps, inihaw na manok sa gata , fried tilapia , kinilaw na tanigue ( a type of fish ceviche ) , law-uy , balbakwa , ensaladang lato  ( type of seaweed marinated ) with marinated dilis with salted fish rice ( Ideal for 5 to 6 persons)

Valentine’s Day promo

The restaurant chain is offering a Valentine’s day promo

bloggers and freelance media

group photo

The PSST team enjoyed our bonding and sharing the food with eat other .

Note: Prices posted are subject to change

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