Sinapot : A Bicolano favorite snack

Sorsogon City , Sorsogon province -Philippines


Sinapot is one of the must try merienda snacks when you are in the Bicol region . Since saba or plantain banana is very abundant in the province, This is one of the local favorites. The price range about Php 8.00 to Php 15.00 per 4 piece banana.

Sinapot literally translates to Dinikit-dikit or sticky  in Tagalog / Filipino language . This is similar with Maruya that is sold in almost every part of the country.

Unlike the Metro Manila counterparts which uses ordinary  flour with little or no egg as batter mixture. The authentic sinapot involves using sticky rice flour and eggs as binding mixture. Very few people uses egg and rice flour as binding mixture since the cost of the sinapot can rise by at least a few more peso. ( some people may also add a little toppings like grated coconut meat or confectionery sugar ) depending on one own taste and preferences.

It is good that someone have given us an authentic recipe of the sinapot and I am glad to share this traditional recipe to my readers.

The banana is normally gathered when the fruit is just half ripe (manibalang )  with (greenish and yellowish color) . Ripe bananas, especially over ripe ones, tend to soak up more oil when it is deep fried  and the water content is too high it soaks up the breading fast losing the crispness faster too ( it tends to get soggy after cooling down ) . An almost ripe banana on the other hand when fried makes that crispy crust, not soggy, and not too sweet.

The cheaper ones that is being sold at the local market tend to use flour batter mixture rather then rice power , Due to economic reasons, majority being sold  and peddled within Sorsogon City  uses flour mixture as batter.

There are quite some similarities between the Latin American fried bananas recipe and the one that is being sold in the Philippines ..

Ingredients and Preparations:

4 to 5 plantain/ saba bananas sliced lengthwise

4 to 5 tbsp rice flour ( if not available ) or ordinary flour

5 to 6 tbsp water

oil for frying (could be deep fried or pan fried)

1 to 2 eggs per 10 pieces plantain

Combine rice flour and water in a bowl and mix until there are no visible lumps.Add 1 to 2 piece egg per 10 pieces of plantain.

Put at least two banana slices side by side with a two barbecue sticks, if coconut skewers are not available. Meanwhile, preheat the oil under medium heat. Coat the skewered banana with the rice flour , eggs and water mixture. When oil is hot, try to put the coated bananas and fry each side until golden brown and crispy.

This is best served hot with hot chocolate , coffee or tea is perfect combination .

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