70th Annual Philippine Orchid Society ingress

Flower Garden ( Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ) Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City -Philippines

Allied Botanical Corporation booth

The 70th annual Philippine Orchid Society’s show had already started . Ingress had started yesterday and for more than 2 months the society had been preparing for the annual show.

Here are some of the early birds and commercial stalls which started their ingress. The show will open tomorrow for special guests and members who shall witness the societies milestone.

This is just a preview of what is upcoming and judging will commence tomorrow from 8:00am until past 12nn, I do not want to pre-empt the judges . This is just a teaser for those who wanted to come and experience the show.

Try to come as early as possible from February 25 , 2016 and  attend the daily lectures and seminars every 1:00pm to March 7, 2016.

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Old Pili Tree in Barangay Sugod, Bacon Sorsogon

404 Barangay Sugod , Bacon , Sorsogon province -Philippines

Canarium ovatum

We visited Yaya Saling who lives in Barangay Sugod , Bacon , Sorsogon .  Bacon is another town within Sorsogon province and before entering her house we saw a large Canarium ovatum, commonly known as pili growing within the property. Almost everyone within Barangay Sugod knows her and the old pili tree.

Mr. Raymond L. De Vera , Yaya Saling and Mrs. Nenita L. De Vera on a group photo

She was born on December 26, 1936 and according to her , The pili tree is already there growing and bearing fruit which  means that the tree age is about 85 to 100 years-old!  Until my next post.


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