Old Pili Tree in Barangay Sugod, Bacon Sorsogon

404 Barangay Sugod , Bacon , Sorsogon province -Philippines

Canarium ovatum

We visited Yaya Saling who lives in Barangay Sugod , Bacon , Sorsogon .  Bacon is another town within Sorsogon province and before entering her house we saw a large Canarium ovatum, commonly known as pili growing within the property. Almost everyone within Barangay Sugod knows her and the old pili tree.

Mr. Raymond L. De Vera , Yaya Saling and Mrs. Nenita L. De Vera on a group photo

She was born on December 26, 1936 and according to her , The pili tree is already there growing and bearing fruit which  means that the tree age is about 85 to 100 years-old!  Until my next post.



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