Sua Your Face Car Show at Quezon Memorial Circle

Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City -Philippines

stage area

Montero Club in partnership with Mitsubishi Alliance Philippines and several car clubs members were treated to an afternoon of fun , music , raffle , food and car exhibition at the Quezon Memorial Circle.

I was invited by a member and car enthusiast to join and cover the car show.  The venue is just a few steps away from the orchid show so I took  a sneak peak and some time at the car show.

secretariat/ registration area

When i arrived past 2:00pm , It seems that the organizers are still preparing the secretariat , sound system and the set-up. There was an emcee who manage to call everyone’s attention and announcing the use of hashtag #SUAyourFace  #aBIAScbn #MitsuAlliancePH  and Twitter @murahantayo and @MitsuAlliancePH

There were some dining tables and there was a FREE registration for the members of the clubs. For non-members ,there was a raffle stub worth Php 300 to cover the cost of food and others. According to the secretariat , their car show would change their venue from time to time. There were also Free t-shit and photo booth at the site.

Quezon Memorial Shrine serves as an ideal backdrop for the car exhibition

It is also good that the Montero club and Mitsubishi Alliance Philippines members and dealers are organizing a car show , after a series of negative publicity about the Sudden Unintended  Acceleration (SUA) incidents on Montero Sport SUVs have turned to social media to voice their grievances and calls for action.

different mitsubishi cars on display with their accessories

Forgot to ask my friend ( the one who invited me ) who owns a Montero unit about the negative public perception of the car unit and even so some extent the car company.I have some relatives who own  units of Montero and had not encountered problems .

mitsubishi car with accessories and tagline

Since I do not own any Mitsubishi Montero unit, I could not give an honest opinion with regards to the road safety and worthiness of the unit.

After taking some photos , chatting with some members of the club , I finally bid farewell to my friend , who seems to be in a very bright mood. I did not attend the appreciation party at the orchid show and even at the SUA event , there were no formal invitation for me to stay longer and need to cover another event.

Note: photos were all taken by the author and was invited by a member of the Mitsubishi Alliance Philippines 

Mirage Ph :

3rd Anniversary of Fancy Chicken Show

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak, Quezon Memorial Circle – Quezon City


Philippine Bantam Fancier’s Association together with CALABARZON Bantam Association and Philippine Orchid Society presents to the general public the 3rd annual fancy and chicken show . It was quite hot and sunny afternoon when the all breed and bantam show was held .

ribbons , trophies and plaques

I arrived past 1:00pm and the judging for the all breed category is being conducted. It started a bit late as the bantam association waited the entries coming form different parts of CALABARZON areas.

members and judges

The 2-day event activities includes an all breed / open breed competition and Serama Breed competition . There were about 70 to 80 types of chicken that were entered in the first day of competition.

Mr. Pher Nunag and his chabo chicken breed

During the first day of competition held yesterday , I met Mr. Pher Nunag from Kabalen Bantam Society from San Fernando City , Pampanga.  He entered a couple of  Japanese bantam chicken or Chabo in the competition.

chabo chicken walking

He started taking care of bantam chicken breed in 2014, when he was attracted to some small breeds of chicken . Unlike the larger counterparts ,bantam chicken and chabo requires smaller space and less food. They are also adorable and cuddly . The chabo breed  has a large upright tail that often reaches over the bird’s head. The wings angle down, and to the back, along the sides.


I also met the association president Mr. Vilmo Silviderio and he is quite happy with the attendance and number of entries had increase several times.

small chicken breed

The Japanese bantam and similar breed are enjoying an increasing popularity mainly because it is an ideal bird for people who are fond of their lawns and gardens because they are not good diggers as their short legs stop them from damaging the ground.

I saw a small chicken breed that was part of the exhibit , i do not know if the small breed was entered in the competition or it was just intended for exhibition purposes.





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