33rd Ikebono Ikebana Flower Arrangement Exhibition

Grand Atrium , ShangriLA – Mall , Mandaluyong City , Philippines


Ikebana Society of Manila No. 67 , Inc with partnership with the Embassy of Japan and Shangri-La Mall presents to the general public its 33rd annual floral display and arrangements at the atrium of the mall.

Presidential arrangement

This year’s exhibit chairperson is headed by Dr. Romeo P. Balderrama Jr., supported by the board of trustees that include Milagros Robles, Ma. Theresa Calunsod, Christina Abalos, Mary Co, Silvia Santos, Gina Onda and Dr. Divina Lupe Lazaro.

Professor Serapion Metilla flower arrangement 

Professor Serapion Metilla used variegated fishtail palm leaves, anthurium leaf , variegated dracena  or chinese bamboo , white anthurium flowers and long stemmed ginger to create height .

Ms. Mila Robles flower arrangement

Ms. Mila Robles used green bamboo for tray presentation with white lilium aka star gazer in her presentation

Ms. Silvia Z. Santos flower arrangement

Ms. Silvia Z. Santos used white lilium aka star gazer , red anthurium flower, and variegated leaves of neoregelia

The exhibit is ongoing  until March 13 sunday .


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