A Tour of The Greenery in Baliuag , Bulacan


San Juan Street, Rio Vista Subdivision, Barangay Sabang, Baliuag – Bulacan province

American style houses are also called American villas

Our group is quite lucky that Lakad Pamana and Mr. Micheal Angelo Sision Santos or Cheal Santos had included this place as part of our tour itinerary last Saturday – March 12 .  We arrived at the place around past 4:20pm and was met by the head of the marketing manager and the proprietor of the place .

rows of houses or villas

I have heard of this place long time ago , Since we would conduct some tours and always on a constant look out for a thematic venue in some of our events and tours.  We have some member of the organization who lived within Baliuag area , but they would always downplay the venue place.

group photo at the grand villa : courtesy of Arki’s Tambayan 

The place had been in operation for about 15 years and the venue had been featured in several television shows , travel channels and blog sites. The American- style houses has its own bathroom, cable ready  television , cabinets and sala set . The biggest one is called Grand Villa , the villa had its own lounge area, own mail box , balcony terrace, complete with an American flag .  This large villa can accommodate up to 15 people and would cost up to Php 23,000 a night depending on the season.   For bookings and tour rates, you can check out their Websitehttp://thegreenery.ph/  and they also have a Facebook PageThe Greenery

light house, open garden and small pavilion

There are four theme-based venues such as the LighthouseOpen Garden , Pavilion and Country Storage Barn .   The Greenery is formerly known as TGI Pavilion when it started way back 2001.

Country Storage Barn ( photo by : Mr. Jonathan Hernandez)

country storage barn

Country Storage Barn is a thematic place -like restaurant , pub , event place and a collector’s haven where Americana items like stuffed animals , period utensils, equipment , poster ,travel suitcase ,  tools , barrel , horse carriage wheels , old photos are stored .

collectible vintage items

The items that were displayed are authentic and all of them have a certificate . I think , the were bought by the owner for his personal collection and gradually expanded to form period collection of items that are related to rural living in the United States.

stage area

  The place can accommodate between 120 to 200 people with a second floor that overlooks the stage area. This is good for cowboy theme or American themed party which is popular among American expat communities,European companies and call center companies

light house and watchtower

Sometimes , the place is referred to as The Greenery Farm, It is about 50 hectares of land . One can view the beautiful place and the manicured lawn , Several pavilion and open spaces . They are still in the process of expansion and adding more attractions like zip line ,  man-made island and several thematic pavilion which overlooks the river .

 infinity pool

When we toured the place , there were several events that was going-on at the venue.  Some of us manage to climb the watchtower since the side entrance is open and we got a nice view on the top of the watch tower ( almost 3 to 4 storey ) .

floating gazebo and a man-made island where zip line will be connected

There are blooming African Tulip Trees or Spathodea campanulata. The trees were currently in bloom when we toured the place.  There was an ongoing wedding at the floating gazebo and we opt not to disturb them .   One can enjoy several outdoor water-sport activities like kayak , boating , jetski and coming very soon zip line . I cannot wait to avail of the zip line .

pavilion at the pool side

The Greenery also have spa services , wedding package, pre-nuptial shoot, convention and staycation package .

wacky group photo by Mr. Chael Santos

After the short tour and endless of photo opportunities , We ate late afternoon snack and the marketing manager took some time to answer some questions . They also have a short list of accredited catering service provider .

 main pavilion had function room and a grand lobby -photo courtesy: The Greenery 

There is a small train with railroad tracks that runs along the main streets and main venue places. We left the place at around past 6:00pm and enjoyed both feast for the eyes and our stomach . There is a small kiosk area at the main pavilion were one can but some treats or pasalubong .

This will not be my first and last time to visit this place and will surely be organizing some tours in the future.

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