A Visit to the Immaculate Conception Church of Bulan Sorsogon

Bulan , Sorsogon province -Philippines

The Immaculate Conception Parish Church is said  to be  as the biggest parochial church in Sorsogon province . This is more popularly called Bulan Catholic Church .


This used to be a small parish church built during the Spanish period but the church is continuously expanded and a new belfry was erected in 2000. According to our relatives from Bulan, the church used to be open 24 hours a day but due to safety and security concerns . Caretakers had to open the church only on special request or past 4:30am .


There is a belfry that was constructed on March 15, 2000 and finished on May 25, 2000 . It was blessed and dedicated on June 12, 2000.  This was spearheaded by The 3M Squires Foundation.

marble plaque -donated by Mrs. Torribia Viyuda De Vera ( my maternal grandmother) 

The church ground is quite big with major construction happened from 1965 to 1967 with prominent families , politicians , public school teachers, Filipino-Chinese association donating money for the construction of the foundations of the church.

The names of the families and associations which donated to the construction had their family surnames etch on a plaque and installed at the pillars of the church.

Bulan District Teachers

Tomasa viyuda Lim

Lola sa Tuhod -Señora Tomasa viyuda de Lim is my maternal grandmother’s – stepmother .

Queen Mely de Vera – Miss Bulan 1965

 According to the stories of my second cousin Ms. Myrna Uy of Bulan , Sorsogon. There was a beauty pageant organized by the Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Bulan chapter way back in 1965 together with the Bulan community. The aim was to help built the church and the proceeds of the pageant was used in the construction of the church.

There were several young women that joined the competition and people would buy ballots in support of the candidates. The contestants were judge not on beauty alone but on bearing . After the tabulation, Miss Milagros Lim de Vera ( maternal aunt) who won the title and all the proceeds were donated to the church .

main altar

There is also a daily mass which starts at around past 5:15 am , The language spoken is Bikol- Sorsogon .

immaculate conception -this is about 15 feet statue

the statute is lighted during the mass

our lady of perpetual help

This is located just a few meters from the house of where i stayed.  A Visit to Sibil Cemetery in Bulan, Sorsogon


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  1. the statue of the Immaculate Concepcion was sculptured by a local artisan wayback 1960s when i was still in my elementary days grade 3 or 4 ithink. i used to be one of the acolytes (sakristan) during the time of Frs. Salvador and de los Santos. i used to watch the artisan whose name i have already forgotten and awed by his skill, transforming a big piece trunk of tree or log into what is today the monumental Immaculate Concepcion. together the image of the Immaculate Concepcion there was another statue that i can’t remember the name of the saint but he’s a dark man, the craftsman skillfuly crafted those magnificent pieces of arts. we used to sleep at the “kumbento” together with other acolytes – boy burgos romy francisco and mario faura etc at the third level or we call azotea or something. the “kumbento” was newly constructed back then. how i miss my childhood days in our hometown which i’ve seldom visited for almost 45 years now.

    • Thanks for sharing the great information. If you check on the marker inside the church – The names of my aunt , maternal grandmother and maternal great grand mother’s were there.

  2. I am a half-Filipino, former U.S. Navy officer who married a beautiful pinay from Bulan, Sorsogon. She was baptized in this Immaculate Conception church in April of 1999, and would like to obtain a copy of the baptismal record, but her cousin who went to the church to get a copy of the record was told that they could not find record of the baptism. The baptism did happen as there are photographs of that holy sacrament which took place in April of 1999; I’m sure the record exists, but the right person wasn’t looking in the right place. If anyone who reads this post is from that parish or knows someone in that parish, please contact me at brian.evan.johnson@gmail.com so that I may follow up on this endeavor. My wife’s maiden name is Melanie Grayda Tolentino. Thank you.

  3. brian.evan.johnson@gmail.com (no hyphen)

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