Mind Reading , Mentalism and Comedy Bloggers Night

87 Scout Reyes street corner Mother Ignacia Street , Barangay Paligsahan , Quezon City -Philippines

I was invited by Mr. Azrael Coladilla , a blogger friend to join a one-night only spectacle of mind-reading featuring the Khan of Thought, comedy mentalist  Mr. Kel Fabie and some of the other premiere names in Pinoy mentalism . I am always fascinated with magic tricks and mentalist way back in elementary , But it was different scenario during those days- bringing card games in school is a big no no ( if one is caught bringing playing cards they were automatically suspended and get a conduct B- or C) Playing cards was synonymous to gambling .  I still remember performing tricks at a Christmas party when i was in grade 3  .

Mr. Kel Fabie- comedian , host , mentalist , voice over artist,  magician and mind reader

Mr. Kel Fabie is also a former FM radio personality from 99.5 RT and WAVE 891, Kel is also a veteran in hosting circles. He have been a practicing mentalist for at least a decade and was featured in several television shows and print media.

Mr. Kel Fabiehttps://www.facebook.com/Kel-Fabie-120380828205/

Website : Mr. Kel Fabiehttps://kelfabie.wordpress.com/

 Burger Company Ph  is a restaurant that had a sitting capacity of between 35 to 37 people  had a good selection of burger and bacon meals. They also have board games for sale . This restaurant is also near  Saint Mary’s College and 2 television stations .


Despite the hectic schedule and traffic , i have to cover this event at all cost . I thought i was already late for the event since we covered another event in Malolos , Bulacan was stuck in a heavy traffic on Bocaue NLEX exit , EDSA before getting off EDSA corner Mother Ignacia street.

Burger Company menu board

It was a 20 minutes short walk from EDSA and i did not hire tricycle .  Arrived past 8:35 pm and  saw the place were already jam packed SRO crowd. I saw some familiar faces and blogger friends  .

Mr. Jerome McCuin -host

Mr.Jerome McCuin was originally from Los Angeles , California , USA . He settled in the Philippines , According to his friends – He was taught by his friends how to live “cowboy ‘ style in the Philippines like riding jeepney , tricycle , eating street foods and living a frugal life . That was he was able to save money and was able to fund his own business. ” I’m really happy that i lived in the Philippines , I’m glad the country gave me a chance” he added.

On ABS-CBN channel 2 ” I Love OPM ” a show , He sang Kawawang Cowboy , Mr. Suave and other OPM hits. McCuinn is into hosting , character acting and other opportunities . He is also fluent in Filipino , Spanish and Korean languages.

Mr. Jerome McCuinhttps://www.facebook.com/nowjerome

For bookings and inquiries : Ms. Joy Alonso : 0917-531-4162 and Viber 0918-866-6668

Mr. Anthony Andres and bloggers Marco Polo Jantoc and Ms. Hazel Gapuz

The group is collectively called #Mindplay which is composed of Mr. Nomer Lasala , Mr.Kel Fabie and Mr. Anthony Andres.

Mr. Anthony Andres is also a performer , mentalist and mind reader or “Mentalino”  . He is also member of the Inner Magic Club (IMC ) and The Story Circle .

Contact : Mr. Anthony Andres (0927-96558970 )

Email : anthony.andres24@gmail.com

Mr. Anthony Andreshttps://www.facebook.com/loveyouchong

bloggers and online media enjoyed the performance

Mr. Nomer Lasala is known as ” Mind Master “

Mr. Nomer Lasala is known as ” Mind Master ” He can reads one’s thought and past experiences as if he was there .  Nomer demonstrates feats of the Zenith Mind. A wide array of Clairvoyance, Direct Mind Reading ( DMR ) and Telekinesis (moving objects and bending silverware with the power of the mind).

Contact : 0927-4114622 , 0925-3336463

Website: http://www.nomerlasala.com/

Mr. Nomer Lasalahttps://www.facebook.com/NomertheMentalist/

  We hope that there will be another round of performance at the place. Our group had their fun and interacting with the Mind Play .





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