Delightful Recipe of Home-Style Fish Ball at Tena sa Latian

Pamarawan , Malolos City -Bulacan province

Lihan Enterprise a private travel and tour operator from  Malolos , Bulacan organized a culinary and heritage food trip in the island of Pamarawan last April 28, 2016 .

One of the food that was demonstrated during the culinary tour was the making of fishball .


BidBid is a type of fish that is found over wide range  scientifically called Elops affinis, They are called Pacific ladyfish, Elops affinis * Hawaiian ladyfish, Elops hawaiensis, or giant herring. * West African ladyfish, Elops lacerta, or Guinean ladyfish. * Tenpounder, Elops machnat.

Website link: Elop affinis

Ms. Jane R. Roxas -a Pamarawan resident , which makes different kind of Bidbid viand like fish ball and adobong bidbid sa luyang dilaw

For order : Please try to contact Ms. Nina Roxas -09263721805 ( note there is a minimum order )


400 grams bidbid fish – 1 to 2 fish

1 whole carrot- grated

2 to 5 cloves garlic -finely chopped

2 to 5 cloves of garlic loosely chopped

1 to 2 medium sized tomatoes chopped

1 table spoon salt

1 table spoon sugar

1 table spoon freshly grounded black pepper

1 to 2 pieces medium size onion ( sibuyas de bumbay ) chopped

100 to 200 gram of flour or 50-50 combination of flour and corn starch

1 small turmeric ginger -grated

vetsin/ msg  ( 50grams) optional


kitchen knife, chopping board, measuring cups,strainer
ladle, frying pan, kettle, stove, 2 spoon, mixing bowl , cooking oil


Procedure :

 1. Boil fish for 3-5 minutes in water with ginger.
2. Strain and put in a container. Remove the heads entrails, skin and bones. Flake the fish
3. Peel and chop the carrots, onions, garlic and potatoes. Mix and combine with the fish flakes
4. Mix the  the eggs, salt, pepper, and cornstarch/ flour.

5. Quennelle ( using 2 spoons to form an oval or round shape ball the flesh of bidbid fish and batter mixture   )
6. Drop fish ball mixture one by one into the boiling oil.

deep fry the fish ball mixture

How to make saukan / dipping sauce

Saukan is the term used by people from Pamarawan as reference to condiments . While people from Santa Maria, Bulacan refer them as Sawakan.

People use 50% soy sauce and 50% sukang sasa ( nipa vinegar ) as mixture and adding finely chopped garlic, onions , chillies and calamansi . Adjusting on the preference of the person.


fish ball with saukan

Note : This is approximately the recipe that was shown to the group during the cooking demonstration .  All the photos are from the author .

Lihan Enterprises conducts a coastal culinary tour of Pamarawan island for aa minimum number of 15 people.

Contact 0995-489-0514 / 0932-127-99-39

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