Native Orchids Spotted in Angat Dam

Hilltop View Deck , Angat Dam , Norzagaray , Bulacan

Taeniophyllum sp.

Taeniophyllum, has roots that are even more versatile. Its scientific name means, rather unattractively, ‘tapeworm leaf.’ or leafless orchid  Its roots have not only developed into flat, tapeworm-like shapes several yards long that writhe statically all over the branch on which the plant sits, but they have also become green and manufacture the orchid’s food.

This orchid species likes moisture and we saw several growing unto the bark of gmelina , a fast growing tree species . Unfortunately , we did not saw flowers and just saw some root mass.  I do not know if this orchid is similar to the ones that we saw along road side peddler from Quezon province few years ago . This Taeniophyllum  had flowers.

Aerides quinquivulnera growing on narra tree

The author counted as many as half a dozen orchids species like Dendrobium crumenatum ( dove or pigeon orchid ) Dendrobium aphyllum ( lesser sanggumay , fairy or dainty sanggumay ) , Dendrobium anosmum ( sanggumay ) Aerides quinquivulnera , Eria ornata or Dendrolirium ornatum Blume 1825  and Rhyncostylis or foxtail orchid  .

Aerides quinquivulnera

Since the group had not ventured to the Tarictic trail within Angat Dam , We have not counted the exact number of orchid species , But this very promising.  Our group also saw some Aerides quinquivulnera naturalized on several trees near the comfort room  within Angat Visitor’s Center . I think they were collected or rescued by park officials.

I think i also saw Pteroceras orchid species . Unfortunately , Most of the orchid species that we saw do not have flowers.



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