Photography Exhibit : Children at the CrossRoads in Lucky Chinatown Mall

Lucky Chinatown Mall , Binondo , Manila-Philippines

Lucky Chinatown Mall main lobby

The photo exhibit  were composed of 28 4‟ x 6‟ panels and a 10-minute video capturing the faces of children, the scenery, stories of  people who speak about the conflict within the conflict areas of Mindanao .

photo caption : An entire battalion of the First Mechanize Brigade pose for a group photo before they leave for combat operations in the Mamasapano area.
Their commanding officer said:”Kunan niyo kami ng picture habang buo pa kami. Baka pag balik anmin mamaya, kulang na kami.”
(Please take our picture while we are still complete. When we come back, we may not be complete anymore.) 
Photo taken at Barangay Kabingi, Datu Saudi-Ampatuan, Maguindanao on March 15, 2015


audio-visual presentation

 Entitled, “Children at the Crossroads” by Mr.  Jun de Leon’s photographs with stories by An Alcantara will be on display until from June 6 to  June 10, 2016  at the main lobby area of Lucky Chinatown Mall in Binondo , Manila.

Lucky Chinatown Mall

This exhibit is the 10th of the series of exhibits which aims to raise awareness on the effects and impact of armed conflict in the Bangsamoro on children. This is a very sad reality in which over 120,000 people were killed in the ongoing insurgency problems in Mindanao ( 1970 to 1996) .

people posting messages

This is a roving exhibit within the country  and will be visiting malls , schools and exhibition places.

row of M16hang on a window of a farmer’s hut at Camp Afghan ( photo taken on Guindulangan, Maguindanao -March 12, 2015)

caravan 2

A pair of kuliglig , farm carts , usually used to carry harvest of corn , rice or vegetables to market are converted to mobile homes when families are forced to evacuate from their communities . These are carabao -drawn or, if the families can afford it, pulled by Kubota tractor . Some have potable solar panels, which they use to charge their cellphones- Barangay Nabundas, Mamasapano, Maguindanao on  March 13, 2015  .

 when i think of home

This exhibit is organized by the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP), in partnership with Australian government -Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade ,  Lucky Chinatown Mall management .

Website links:

Lucky Chinatown Mall:

This photo exhibit is FREE and can be viewed during mall hours .

Mall Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm




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