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Chino Roces Street , Makati City

Life is about to Change : sometimes it’s painful, sometimes it’s beautiful . For thousands of users of Lucida DS Glutathione capsules , life  indeed became more beautiful. Lucida capsule had been in the Philippine market for at least 10 years !  The Blogcon held last saturday in Makati aims to provide awareness over the importance of Glutathione to one’s health .

group photo L-R Ms. Belle , Mr . Nonoy Zuniga and Ms. Sylvia Cancio

A right dosage of Glutathione doubly strengthen by the right amount of Vitamin C , rosehips and ALA or Alpha Liponic Acid . According  to the Journal of Immunology ” Immune depressed individuals have lower Glutathione levels when fighting diseases .

Lymphocytes, cells vital for your immune response depends on GSH for their proper function and replication . Glutathione is crucial to the function and multiplication of these disease -fighting cells,  in order to ward off invading viruses , bacteria and parasites . restoring glutahione levels to those found in healthy people is likely to help immune deficient person “.

Lucida DS

Rosehips ingredient is one big difference of Lucida DS from the rest of glutathione capsules being sold in the market . Rosehips relives the symptom of kidney disorder , it has anti-inflamatory and anti-cancer properties , it lowers cholesterol , reduces risk of cardio vasular diseases and most especially keeps skin healthy and wrinkle free .

Our body naturally produces Glutathione in the liver but as we age from 30 years and above , its level decreases . Hence, as we live towards our golden year , we are more prone to illness , sickness or diseases and we start to feel the toll on our health especially if we have been drinking too much and smoking heavily during our younger years . Taking in unbalanced diet throughout our exploratory years also exert an alarming disarray in our health . This means that we accumulate free radicals that make us prone to infections.

Lucida DS soap

Lucida soap with Alpha Lipoic Acid , Vitamin C and Rosehip . The soap had natural scent , Men and Women .

Lucida-DS 800mg glutathione complex capsules , soap and Vaniderm VCO Shampoo with special Gugo and Aloe Vera extract  is now available at Mercury Drug Stores nationwide! To order or know the nearest Mercury Drug Store near you
Call MERCURY (637-2879) or 911-SUKI (7854)

Mr. Nonoy Zuniga

 The group also met a celebrity and product endorser Mr. Nonoy Zuniga and He will having a concert sometime July 2016 .

At the end of the blogcon, We learn something new and the importance of taking care on one’s health.

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