Center for Continuing Education and Symposium on Social Entrepreneurship in College of Holy Spirit

Paraclete Auditorium , College of Holy Spirit-163 E. Mendiola Street ,Manila, Philippines 

College of Holy Spirit is changing the landscape of the academe, while maintaining the school reputation of their heritage , program and tradition of the school. The College of Holy Spirit -Manila ( CHSM) is known for Values Education is taking an even higher step in its commitment to provide learning opportunities , enhance professional skills and make better , more responsible members of the society .

L-R Ms. Grace Songcuya Mascenon (director in charge ) , Dr.Jesusa  M. Marco ( president) , Maria Theresa Abeleda Llave (president-Holy Spirit Alumni Alumni Management Core) Ms. Guillermina M. Ong ( board member)

The century -old school is now under the new management by the Holy Spirit Alumni Management Corporation ( HSAMC) composed of 14 alumnae and one non-alumnae who is well-recognized in the education field.

old mango trees and well-maintained benches within the campus

The school had a nice manicured garden and is dubbed as ” Green Oasis in the Heart of Mendiola ” Despite the loss of gardens , green spaces due to the development of schools within the Mendiola area, the college had maintained their old world charm and their historic school buildings .

manicured lawn and spacious hallways


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