HistoryCON Invades Manila !

 Tomas Morato corner Eugenio Lopez Sr. Street , Quezon City -Philippines

History buffs and fans from all over the country , Southeast Asia and followers of History Channel will be very happy to know that HistoryCON 2016 is coming to the country . There will be over 100 exhibit booths and special events .

A+E Networks and History Asia announced that Manila is chosen as the venue of the first History Con that will be from August 25 to 28, 2016 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

This convention promises not only to be educational, but also fun and exciting on an epic scale. Despite the name, History Con shall cover a wide range of genres or themes that are related to history which are inspired by the shows that appear on the History Channel – paranormal/science fiction, survival and adventure, motoring and a host of others.

According to Prem Kamath, Deputy Managing Director of A+E Networks Asia, “History Con reinvents the way we connect with our local audiences…whether they’re our loyal fans who just can’t get enough of History, or they’re curious onlookers who are new to our brand.” He further said the goal of History Con is to create a unique experience, engaging visitors, allowing them to feel, live and see history come to life in an entertaining way rather than the traditional academic lecture approach often associated with history.

The organizers have invited several organizations and companies to put up booths where they can strut their wares. Besides a series of lectures, there will be displays of limousines of past Philippine Presidents in cooperation with National Historical Commission of the Philippines ( NHCP ) , historical reenactors will recreate battles of World War II, there will be exhibitions and demonstrations of weaponry and martial arts. There will also be a Cosplay contest where visitors can dress up like their favorite characters from the shows in History Channel. There is going to be a History’s Digital Host Talent Search, aimed at looking for prospective hosts for upcoming shows.

There will be an inter-school History Bee, a quiz contest that pits teams from various schools and universities in Metro Manila. The History Con shall also have 3D Experiences, interactive booths that allow visitors to explore worlds in virtual space.

There will also be World Record Week where History will attempt to break world records such as the longest TV-watching marathon, most number of Quarter Pounder hamburgers that can be eaten in one minute, and the largest serving of Garlic Mushrooms.

There will also be a 1 day pass, 2 day pass, 3 day pass and 4 day pass with meet and greet with celebrities during the 4-day event .

The organizers are expecting at least 100,000 visitors to the event and there will be a fun -filled activities at the venue place.

In addition, there will be a Talent Line-Up with the personalities from History Channel’s shows gracing the event; personalities such as Giorgio Tsoukalos of Ancient Aliens, Brandi Passante Jarrod Schulz of Storage Wars, Damon Runyan and Ian Matthews of Gangland Undercover, and Celebrity Car Wars which will feature Bobby Tonelli, Joey Mead King, KC Montero, Marc Nelson and Gabby Dela Merced.

For information on how to get tickets, visit the website on : http://www.historyasia.com/shows/history-con-2016


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