Bunny Camp 2016 A Show to Remember

Amphitheater Area, Quezon Memorial Circle -Quezon City , Philippines 

Philippine Rabbit Enthusiasts and Sales Club (PRESC) in partnership with Philippine Association of Rabbit Enthusiasts and Farmers (PAREF) in cooperation with the Philippine Rabbit Hobbyist Association (PRHA) , Association of Rabbit Meat Producers, Inc. (ARaMP)  in association with the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and  Association of Rabbit Meat Producers Incorporated. The 6 organizations with the help of their  club officers organized an afternoon of fun filled event for people interested in rabbits growing them as pets or backyard growers.

The event was dubbed as Bunny Camp 2016 with the aim of fostering friendship and camaraderie among local breeder and farmers .  This is a fun -filled event for the families and their children.

The event started past 1:00pm with seminars, raffles, rabbit contests, exhibits and even a contest in which pet owners with their rabbits must bring them with costume.

There is an entrance fee which includes raffles stub worth Php 200 per head.

Mr. Bill Anthony Gonzales -President of the (PAREF ) holds an English Angora 

PAREF Inc. is here to support the owners and breeders, to develop standards and breeds, and to promote the rabbit industry in the Philippines. According to the President Mr. Bill Anthony Gonzales,this was the group’s second time to host¬†an event . He started breeding and even importing different kinds of rabbit breeds like English Angora , Lion head and Flemish Giant Rabbit . He also sells some of his excess breeds to those interested. He is the proprietor of BAM’s Rabbitry

Contact : 0936-893-5433

Gab Tolentino , Nori Tolentino and Dao Dacasin

The first rabbit that they bought was lion head rabbit a little over a month ago , they again bought a flosy bunny rabbit  during the event.

Mr. Leonardo C. Udasco Jr. -He is from Piat,Carranglan , Nueva Ecija 

He is holding a Lion Head,  Lion Lop Ear   and New Zealand ,Price range of these types of rabbits are between Php 3,000 to Php 6,000

Contact : 0916-5118-658

Personal Story 

I learned about this event last week during the ANNI Weekend market when rabbit owners are talking about a rabbit event nearby . We used to have some rabbits at home . Our initial stock were pet rabbit bought at the Arranque market several decades ago ( mid 1990’s)¬† at just Php 120 a pair . I am talking about pet rabbits which are commonly sold as pet , without any pedigree. Some¬†of them were sold by ambulant vendors and stall holders . We manage to buy 2 pairs of rabbit ( 4) ¬†from different sellers . After about 1 year or so , ¬†manage to breed them from the initial stock.

In the pre-internet days , We have to read books from library, attend free seminars and watch some documentary from local television station which featured rabbits. Information is quite crude , unlike this time.

Carefully selecting them ,We fed the rabbits with a combination of commercial rabbit pellets , grass, vegetables , fruits and add crush vitamin C to their water . We gave some rabbit kitens or kits to curious neighbors which seems to want them as pets.  Eventually , We manage to earn a couple of bucks from rearing rabbits in our backyard as words of mouth spread to other streets and other subdivision .  We also manage to breed some fluffy ones from the old stock and added a pair . After 2 years- There are more than 3 dozens rabbits .

After about 3 or 4 years without adding new breeding lines and combination of bad weather , poor sanitation and lack to interest led to fatalities  . Some of our last stock were hunted by dogs and their kiten were even eaten by hungry rats. Our interest faded and for the past 3 years , We  just concentrated in our  pet guinea pig ,  bought from a Sunday market in San Jose del Monte City, Bulacan.

officers and members of the club in a wacky pose

.Male rabbit is called”buck”, while the female rabbit is called “doe”, while the bunnies are called “kiten” . Technically the rabbit industry in the country is still in the infancy stage , mostly concentrated for pet and backyard hobbyists.

The event was highly successful and memorable .


Active Life Chicago PT by Dr. Ronald Samaniego

.Good News to all  !Those who like to experience the technological advances in physical therapy.

Dr. Ronald Samaniego is a doctor of physical therapy who have over 10 years of experience. He also went through one of the most painful things that can happen to your muscle which is an ACL and so he knows what it is like to be on the other side of the fence.  He realized this predicament and decided after over a decade of gaining experience and knowledge in Seattle that the Philippines is where he wants to practice what he has mastered when it comes to physical therapy.

The country  has always been lagging in a lot of things. Fashion, infrastructure, and medicinal breakthrough. This is the main reason why a lot of rich people go abroad to have their pains and illness taken cared of. We don’t have the latest technology nor do we have an advanced know how on what really works and what doesn’t.

Active Life Chicago PT- Dr. Samaniego together with his staffs 

This is why Active Life Chicago PT was put up. Dr. Ronald Samaniego believes that even when you are going through physical therapy, one can maintain an active lifestyle. He encourages movement and not just letting your muscles rot. He also believes that with the right program, almost anyone can recover from pain and bring back muscles that may have atrophied.

Active Life Chicago PT currently has over 10 clinics all over the metro which makes them easy to access for commuters. It can be quite challenging for the regular people who simply commute when specialty clinics are located in areas that are hard to get to without a car. This is one of the considerations that Active Life Chicago PT kept in mind and so they put up clinics in Mandaluyong, Quezon Avenue, Caloocan, Alabang, Nuvali, Bulacan, Binondo, Fairview, Makati, BGC, Antipolo, Pasay-Buendia, and Pampanga.

The good news for HMO holders (Cocolife, Maxicare, Medicard, PhilCare and ValuCare (subject to insurance approval) is that Active Life Chicago PT accepts them. However, they need to abide by the rules and regulations of the specified HMO. Active Life does not use hot packs, TENS, or ultrasound therapy. These are traditional methods that do not bring out results. Active Life is all about results and they want to see it within 3 sessions. As such, they only accept stroke patients within 6 months of the stroke because the longer it takes, the more impossible it is to be treated.

Active Life is not a miracle worker. They simply apply the latest technology and listen to what the patients complain of. They have video proofs on their Facebook accounts, client testimonials, and paying celebrities who believe in them. For those who are experiencing pain, chronic or otherwise, call call (02) 997-5704 or (0977) 292 2215 for a location near you, and for cost inquiries.

FB ‚Äst https://www.facebook.com/ActiveLifeChicagoPT/

IG –¬† https://www.instagram.com/activelife_chicago_pt/


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