Consultation Meeting by the Makati Poblacion Heritage Conservation Society

  Makati Poblacion Heritage Conservation Project (MPHCP)  together with Makati City Hall officials and the Museum and Cultural Affairs Office ( MICAO) held a consultation meeting at the historic Museo ng Makati – a city museum opened sometime in 1993 .

Atty. Violeta Somera -Seva holding the microphone

Despite that the museum was opened about 24 years ago. Few people outside Makati knew that this was a museum.

Museo ng Makati -bas relief made from carved wood-showcasing the history of the city 

The museum had some bas relief wood carving at the ground floor showcasing the historical facet of the city .  The museum still looks new despite the age .


For aspiring architect and students of fine arts , a visit to this local museum is a MUST for those who wanted to know the early history of Makati.

Museo ng Makati

The second floor had been converted into a function area for the meeting .  If the plans goes well, there will be at least 2 more old ancestral houses , local handicraft , old church will be part of the historical walking tour . There are also local kakanins and food that Makati residents can boast off.

group photo 

The author only took part on the last part of the consultation process , giving some output and some ideas. In reality, this project will take some more time before this project will come to be realized.

kitchen city catering

Around past 5:00 pm  , the meeting was adorned and a ceremonial group photo was held as part of the documentation process.  A simple late afternoon snacks  which consists of egg sandwich , baked macaroni  and ice tea was served to all the participants of the consultation meeting.





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