Good Pork Barbecue at Lola Ote

Lola Ote Grill and Restaurant is known for their iconic hanging good pork barbecues is located along 26 Sgt. Esguerra street, Diliman near popular television stations ABS-CBN channel 2 and GMA channel 7 . This restaurant is one of fastest growing hang-out place within the vicinity  .  They also have a branch at 2nd floor Robinson’s Mall in Novaliches , Quezon City .

Lola Ote- Home of the Best Barbecue

This restaurant is located at a former ancestral house built in the 1960’s and was converted into a travel and tour office for several years until it was re-adapted and renovated into a restaurant about a year ago.

 restaurant is jam-packed with customers

The restaurant proprietor is a culinary graduate with some of the recipes handed down from her grandmother  .

pork barbecue  are presented in steel skewers like kebab 

Among the iconic foods served at this restaurant and bar are its 18 inch pork barbecue , isaw and balun-balunan, chicharon bulaklak  not to mention sisig and other well-known menus. The pork barbecue , isaw and chicharon bulaklak is best dipped with vinegar .

chicharon bulaklak or chicharon bituka

sisig ala lola ote

The steel skewers had undergone several changes before coming up with the current style.

display rack showcase items brought home from travel abroad 

The restaurant had a capacity of between 80 to 120 people at any time . The two rooms were converted into function rooms with 35 to 45 people capacity each .

Lola Ote can also accept in house catering and their function rooms can be rented out for small groups .

Note and full disclosure : Please try to visit the link for prices and reservation , Prices are subject to change without prior notice . The author was just invited to be a part of the review.

Address: Courtyard Building, Sgt. Esguerra, Barangay South Triangle, Quezon City
Telephone Number: +639175217892 / 546-8553
Facebook: Lola Ote
Instagram: lolaote
Twitter: @lolaotebbq


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