Exciting Burgers and Waffles at Beef X Burger in UP Town Center Mall

Beef X Burger restaurant had opened their doors at the Second floor of UP Town Center, Ayala in Quezon City .

The restaurant used to be called (Big B Burgers) which originally started their operations within Maginhawa street in 2013 , when students and friends decided to open a burger joint outlet . The UP Town Center is one of the 6 branches that is located within Metro Manila . The change of the company name was initiated last year around September 2016 .

The phenomenal growth of this burger joint is because people wanted to savor the taste of new burger at its cozy atmosphere is a welcome treat to any of its customers. The tables are neatly arrange and they manage to use old spam cans for tissue holder.


Waffle with egg and burger patty – This is best eaten during breakfast , but will sure eat this one at any time of the day .

Beef X Burger is most known for their affordable 50:50 beef and bacon burgers, Poutine ng Ina Mo Fries ( French Fries ) and their awesome-sauce.

Menus includes Beef X Bacon with bacon bits , Beef X Longganisa , Beef X Sausage , Beef X Spam , Beef X Sisig while their waffles are a sure fire hit.

Creative names for home mix of juices like Pink Potion with Feelings, Blue Potion with Emotion , Mangga Gayuma , and their shakes.

While mixing the home grown potion drinks , their servers also gave some enchanting chants to wards off negative vibes. This is one of the most awaited scene at the burger.

The company is also listed in Zomato site . The UP Town Center Mall branch opens at around 11:00am and closes at 10:00pm everyday .






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