Project Silya at D’ Cup of Coffee Republic

Tito Lorete Alcalá is a nephew of the world re-known cartoonist Mr. ” Lauro” Larry Alcala , his family hails from Legazpi , Albay province.

The event started about past 4:30pm which was held at D’ Cup Coffee Republic located at the second floor of the Pioneer Street Market in Mandaluyong City.


The program started a little bit late with the invocation and welcome remarks of Ms. Rezzhel Sanchez ( Operation Manager ) and Ms. Elaine V. Antolin ( Artistshop Managing Director)

A glass plaque was given to Ms. Adette O. Purto ( chairman of D’ Cup Coffee Republic)

The coffee shop is one of the places where senior citizens can relax and they are never a side issue .

Tito Lorete Alcala and Ms. Ms. Adette O. Purto

The place had a sitting capacity of about 70 to 80 people and a function room which can hold at least 100 people . This are used to be selling area for shoes and dress. Until it was converted into a coffee shop around 10 months ago.


His mother celebrated her birthday last May and turned 87 years-old , while his father is 88 years-old. He observed that his parents were the source of his advocacy. They are eager they were to step out of their comfort zone and see new places.  But within minutes of strolling in the mall, the elderly couple would ask to be seated in a more comfortable seats.

A simple request that was not always possible in the often-crowded shopping area. Sometimes the seats are not that comfortable or there was simply not enough seats.
He had just retired after 25 years in the advertising , marketing and design business as managing director of  The Artistshop Company, Inc., an advertising design agency he founded in 1984 with two other UST Advertising Arts majors and friends with a mere P3,000 capitalization.  The business had been good to him and it was time to give back.

What does S.I.L.Y.A. means?

SILYA stands for Sa Iyo Lolo at Lola, Yantok aming Alay, His simple advocacy involves naming his chairs to his loved ones and people who would like to help in his advocacy . His group had donated over 500 silya ( rocking chairs ) from Luzon ( Baguio ) , Visayas and ( Davao and Cagayan de Oro) in Mindanao.

To Thank – to thank the partners , friends and people , To Honor – To honor his parents and old people who imparted a lot of knowledge and To Inspire to this generation.

This is its 5th year and the group is aiming for more projects and partners.  There were about a dozen participants from Mandaluyong City senior citizens and a heavy downpour


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