Alibaba Versus Tattoos Corn Chip

Alibaba is brand name for corn chips manufactured by Frank & David Snack Foods Corporation in Pandi, Bulacan.

Alibaba Corn Chips

Alibaba Corn Chip- Nacho Cheese and Barbecue flavors

Net Weight is 100 grams + 20% FREE which gives this corn chip a total weight of about 120 grams. There are two flavors barbecue and nacho cheese.

Tattoos Corn Chip

Tattoos Corn Chip

Tatoos is a brand manufactured by W.L. Food Corporation. Net Weight is 100 grams +20% FREE which give this corn chip a total weight of about 120 grams.

However, Tatoos corn snack had rich flavors, available in natural fried garlic and cheese. We bought cheese flavor for comparison. There are no barbecue flavored corn chip available.

Price wise, We have made some comparison while roaming at these well-known supermarket chains within Quezon City. We bought these chips in all the supermarkets in the same day.

LandMark, Trinoma, SM North Edsa- Hypermart and Ever Supermarket.

Price comparisons: Alibaba – Php 19.25 , Php 22.50 , Php 23.75

Tattoo –   Php 21.50, Php 22.50, Php 24.25

Price-wise Landmark, Trinoma branch is a few peso cheaper compared to the other two.

We think that Ever Supermarket had the more expensive retail price due to many factors, longer operation hours with smaller stocks on hand.

Taste Test: Since we could not eat all the corn chips at the same time, we took some sampling for 10 people ranging from 8 years-old to 80 years-old! Just to give fairness and their own opinion for both products.  We only used Nacho Cheese flavored chip of Alibaba and Tattoos -Cheese flavored corn chip. Both products have nutrition facts posted at the back of the label. Tattoos have much smaller one posted at the back of their label compared to Alibaba.

Alibaba and Tattoos

Alibaba and Tattoos

Color- 6 out of 10 respondents prefer Tattoos over Alibaba. According to them Alibaba looks more natural at first glance.

Flavor- Both corn chip brand are salty with 8 out of 10 respondents indicating that these chips can be partnered with beer or water. Only to be eaten once in a while or at least twice a month.

2 respondents also noticed that the corn chips ( Tattoos ) had a lot of broken pieces, compared to Alibaba.

4 respondents do not like the powdery dark cheese flavoring of ( Tattoos)

Overall, Alibaba wins hands-down with 6 respondents preferring this brand over 4 respondents who prefer Tattoos.

Note: The taste test happened last September 3, Sunday while watching a home movie. The outcome only reflect the 10 respondents who were invited by the author. The author nor his immediate family members are not connected with these two food corporation, thus no compensation in any form whether in cash or in kind were given in exchange for the honest taste test review .










3 Responses

  1. Madalas Kong makita ang chips na Alibaba sa kalapit n vulcanizing shop kung saan meron din syang tienda dun. Kada bumibili ako ng ibang chips lagi nyang binibenta sa akin yung Alibaba. Pero Hindi ko pinapansin. Katagalan nung nacurious ako napabili ako. Masarap pala sya then mura lang. Kesa sa ibang chips na kinakain ko. Kaya kapag trip ko. Isa ito sa mga binibili ko na chips.

  2. hi concern ko lang po sa product na bawang na bawang. .may kasama tornilyo sa isang sachet na muntikan na malunok ng mama ko..buti napansin niya bat matigas daw at malamig ng tinignan niya ehhh tornilyo pala….nangyari to ngaon august 21 2018 around 11 am …sana maaksilyonan niulyo ang pangyayaring ito para di ikasira ng produkto po niyo
    pagkain po ang produkto niyo kaya dapat laging malinis….at dapat sa maintenance maging masuri

    • Thanks for visiting this site, I think you should have taken photos of the sachet and posted them at their FB page.

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