Tale of 3 tootsie die- cast toys

I recently got 3 tootsie die cast toys at a toy event last week. Those were bought at a toy dealer/ collector which is known for collecting vintage stuffs and selling online.

tootsie toys

L-R pink Chevrolet Cheetah die-cast circa 1963 to 1964 , orange Chicago Mini Orange Porsche 911 circa 1970-1977 and apple green colored military jeep ( probably manufactured late early 1970’s)

As in my previous posts, My own personal collection started when my aunt ( paternal side) gave me about 2 dozen tootsie die cast toys hand- me down from my cousin.

Most of the toys were lost through the decades and some of were stolen by playmates who cannot resists those small cute stuffs.

I think all was lost, until i saw 3 tootsie toys few months ago while cleaning the stock room located near our house attic. Did not expect much from what i bought from the dealer/ friend. Those tootsie die cast toys were pre-owned by someone.

The important story of these toys were the nostalgia and rebuilding one’s personal collection which was lost. I think that the quality of the toys that the company currently selling is not the same.

Tootsie Toys  is still around selling toys online in the United States. But very few toy dealers sell this kind of toys in the country.

Some people love these items, They are durable and colors are very bright ( i hope that they are not painted with lead)

At the online auction / selling site of Ebay would sell these toys from $0.50 a piece to $3.00 per piece, sometimes even more depending on the year, condition, type of car model, rarity and country of origin. Plus shipping fees.

I got the toys at about $6.00 per piece which is on the upper bracket of the price range, I do not mind paying the dealer since i had to consider the freight cost and overhead cost for booth rentals.

It brings me joy for having this 3 toys and wish that additional items will be added in the near future.







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