Free Guided Eco Walk at the University of the Philippines

Free guided tree walk this earth day with Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society Inc. in partnership with Kalikasan.

Free guided tour

6-7 AM | Registration and Unity Walk
7-9 AM | Decentralized activities:
> Native Tree Walk
> Bird Watching
> Urban Gardening for Kids
> Museum Walk

eco walk

Mechanics on how to join:

1. Assembly time is 6:00AM for a short onsite registration period. This will be at the Oblation Statue in Quezon Hall as indicated in the map. We will hold a brief program here before we distribute into each sub-event.

2. Reminders for the 4 BYOBs: Bring your own water bottle, bring your own binoculars (for those participating in the bird watch) as well as some extra pairs if you have for sharing, bring your own bags to keep your own trash, and bring your outfit that is blue or green.

3. The rallying point is where the help desk will be located in case you have questions, if you get lost, or have other concerns. It is located at the UP Lagoon where the urban gardening session will also be located. You can also directly contact the help hotline indicated in this map–don’t forget to introduce yourself first.

4. There will be water refill stations at the assembly area, which will relocate later to the UP Lagoon. Also indicated in this map are the locations of drinking fountains around the campus in case you need to refill on the go. Just ask permission from the building’s guards nicely!

5. Don’t forget to register ahead of time so our walk guides will know ahead of time how many people will be managed in each activity. Select just one activity, these will happen simultaneously!:


Join us on April 21, Saturday, 6 AM at the Oblation Statue at UP Diliman! See you there! Those interested with the FREE guided tour, Please try to visit

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